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  1. By all means if you want to put lighter strings do it, you will have to re adjust the truss rod though. I think us Canadian players get robbed when it comes to pricing. Good luck with the bird I hope all works out. P.S. I have a dr500mce with D'Addario lights and a dove pro with elixir light nano webs both sound great.
  2. I love it the border sets it off nicely, juries out on the pick guard but I love the looks over all. CONGRATS and enjoy
  3. I'm in Northern Ontario so I guess, big surprise, every dealer is different
  4. That was 904 Canadian taxes included but on the site listed buy price puts it around the Texan price so someone is really mixed up. Still a j-45 ( basically) for less than a grand is a steal
  5. Finally got a price from my local dealer 904.00
  6. Ok so everyone here that thinks this young lady couldn't sing or that the guitar sounded like crap, lets here you do better. It was a large room 1 mic and that is hard to get a true quality sound. I've been around a long time and go to local get togethers where no mic and in a large room is the venue she did great as did the guitar. Look at the big picture don't sell it short lately I attended a bluegrass jam and the real deal J-45 Custom was one of the poorer sounding guitars there.
  7. From what I saw 1 mic 1 guitar not pointing at the mic and a loud voice, the guitar projected well and on my speaker set up here the tone were very good. Obviously Gibson doesn't want the real deal to loose attention but I would take one of these over the 2700.00 name sake. My opinion
  8. Finally and worth the wait the guitar sounds amazing even capoed on the third and it had a nice all around tone. Thank you Red and thank you Epiphone
  9. I see on the EPI website, the guitars listed by price and the AJ-45ME is listed same as or less than the Inspired by Texan. My opinion for us fellow Canucks is to watch who we buy from. My local Epi dealer says he can't and hasn't seen these yet, so disappointed here in northern ontario
  10. I don't think she cares about resale value but all told she would and will be ok with it when I get mine. Just jokin about having to get her something of greater value.....................I hope.
  11. lmao and that works for ya the turning it around thing? I'm impressed for me I know that she will have to get a gift worth a bit more, example Dove Pro for me diamond ring for her Masterbuilt AJ45ME for me ..........A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!
  12. That is a" keep the wife happy" rule
  13. Here is a link 729 Canadian http://www.lamusic.ca/default.asp
  14. I have to agree you have a very nice touch on the guitar and it sounds pretty dam awesome to me
  15. Matte finish is nce and a little polish would give it a nice shine, I had an old Yamaha 12 string with a matte finish polished it up and it looked great
  16. I watching for someone to actually play one on youtube or something
  17. I saw a british site that had them for 459 canadian
  18. Definitely get it fixed but before you take it somewhere shake it and listen might be a loose wire you may be able to fix yourself. Good Luck and happy picking
  19. they say this spring but we know that could be a month or 2
  20. As posted previously 729 Canadian at long and mcquade
  21. on mine they are about the same the mag might have a bit more volume. I know the video demo on the epiphone site is cool but unless you were recording or had all the bells and whistles he had it hooked to, you wont get that sound any if you are happy with it don't worry about it other wise get the warranty work done and that means sending it back.
  22. awesome nice to see they went with it and according to the namm 2015 announcement available this spring
  23. Awesome good for you, those pins look pretty cool very glad you are happy with it and look forward to hearing you do a sound clip (hint hint)
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