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  1. looking at a 1990 Black J100. any way to tell from serial number whether it would be sycamore
  2. thanks, Fred. for some reason the possibility of sycamore appeals to me
  3. hi. a Gibson lore question... i read that all black J100s were created from sycamore. any truth to that? seems most of the sycamore ones were 1987 or a little later. thank you GBF hive mind, any info would be great
  4. A little more info on the "Early" . It was designed by Ren Ferguson (one of his first attempts at a reissue) Using molds from Kalamazoo J45s. 1 23/32 neck, and virtually identical in specs to a '52-'54 J45. From communications with owners and luthiers, it's held in high regard
  5. Has anyone tried these? What did you think?
  6. Hi. I'm getting ready to try some Gabriel Tenorio Strings. Still doing a little debating on which strings on which guitar... has anyone tried these?
  7. i keep getting 24.75. i need to trade this calculator in
  8. looks like my J45 is 12.375
  9. as good as my Early was, and as simple as it seems to remove the bridge thing, it might be worth it
  10. the seller explains the reason for it, and i haven't been able to find a reason to think he's not being honest. this is such a great model
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