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  1. I really liked my standard laminated MIK Broadway and still do play it a lot but the Elitist is really a whole different animal. It's much closer to (now I'm not saying it IS one) an L5. It's about 1/4" thicker and the solid wood gives a richer tone too. The whole feel of it is quality. Like they were really shooting for an L5 and came damn close in my opinion. Most Gibby L5ers would disagree.
  2. http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/msg/4795217191.html For that price I think he should ship it though.
  3. I found that on the bay. It was up for about 4 1/2 to 5 minutes I think. Just hit it right but I've been looking two or three times a day for quite a while. :D
  4. Yes Red333 I'm still in love with my two standard Broadways (one natural & one sunburst). They're both very fine rich sounding and great playing boxes. I'll have to sell them though. I'm running out of places to put things around here and I know I'll always pick up the Elite first. The natural is practically new if anyone's interested. I got a dang good deal on it and I'll be passing that along.
  5. "Is there a noticable difference in the way they feel or sound?" Yes J4T5 I'm kind of surprised at the difference both acoustic & electric. The Elite has a much richer tone. It's also over 1/4" thicker. I was not aware of that. I think I can upload photos now. Here goes and here's one with the E still on it.
  6. Well it showed up yesterday & I must say this is the finest guitar I've ever owned. Absolutely new condition. (it's a 2003). Sweet, very rich, full but very focased sound. I think I see now why Gibson stopped production of Epiphone's Elite Broadway. It's really an L5. I have two other Broadways (not Elite or Elitist) and this is worlds apart. I'll try & post some shots. The marks on it are reflections & prints of everyone's grubby hands on it all afternoon. Edit: I'm having probs with posting pics. Too bad. She's a beauty.
  7. Thanks. That's good to hear. I guess if they're both the same I'm glad to have the original Elite.
  8. I just pulled the trigger on a "Broadway Elite". It's a sweet lookin sunburst (in the pics) but I don't have it in hand yet. Maybe payed a little too much but but I've been looking for a sunburst & didn't want another to slip by. I've really had an eyeball out for an "Elitist" but thought I had read somewhere that they (Elite & Elitist) are the same. Anyone know?
  9. That's a good article spacealf. I especially like the first comment beneath it "I’m going to buy a 3D printer, print more 3D printers, sell them and become the richest man ever in the history of 3D printing. Not that I would need the money, as I would be fine in my printed house, with my printed wife and family, eating printed food. And just to be a greedy ******, I’ll also copyright the idea so no one else can do it." Actually that's not too far fetched. I mean they're working on 3D printed body parts (like livers & such) made with meat fibers & layered stem cells. Seems like a vintage Broadway Elitist would be a simple matter. Maybe the only way I'll ever get one. Well I can dream. Wow, this site just edited the word "******" out of my post. I didn't know that was a forbidden word. How bout ***? I mean Jeez it's just a bag full of water & vinegar or tea I guess. Strange. I've never knowingly broken any forum rules before. I'll have to start typing in pig-latin. Unless of course that would be offensive.
  10. Here's a very interesting thread from the Steel Guitar Forum. Be sure & click on the links--it gets pretty fascinating. http://bb.steelguitarforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=248471
  11. Well vomer that DOES look a lot better. On the other hand, I guess I prefer the removable version. But that does look better.
  12. Parabar--Yeah I know! It would just cost me too much to get hung up there right now and I don't like dealing with people that can't or won't answer simple questions. Hope it works out great for someone here that's been looking for one.
  13. I'm backing out of the deal because I don't think the guy understands my situation. I'll be passing by his location and would have to go a little out of route and have him meet me at a truck stop of his choice. He never confirmed that he could or would and did not respond when I requested a phone number so we could coordinate in real time. He just said to contact him when I get there (email I guess). I'll be under a load and can't wait around all day. He also never responded when I asked him for the serial number and if it comes with the case. Too bad, it probably would have gone just fine but some people just can't communicate. No hard feelings & I'm sure there are a few others out there. In his Craigslist ad he was asking $1200 but was quick to accept the $1000 cash I offered. In case someone wants to jump on this here's a link to the Craigslist ad. The location is Mifflin,OH near Mansfield. >>>>> http://mansfield.craigslist.org/msg/4258291187.html Good luck! It looks pretty nice in the photo. It's just too expensive for me to have someone maybe drop the ball.
  14. Aster1, Not at all tacky. I'd be glad to tell you in a few days when it's in my hands. It IS a buyer's market right now though.
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