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  1. Well to my dismay I think I have found my issue! I did try lowering pups and raising them ended up where they were basically to begin with...was NOT the pups. Took straight edge and checked relief and it is good to go as well. Action is as low as possible with no buzz on frets. Strings are same I always use and these are not that old. I even tried another amplifier too not the issue. So, what was the issue, well turns out it is me! I guess I am lifting my finger tips off at times hard enough to make the string ring out! I guess I will just have to learn to not strike the lower strings so hard and not lift off as hard. So there ya have have it user head space and timing! I appreciate ALL replies. EDIT...I did try string around headstock across strings that wasn't the issue either.
  2. Yea I might try lowering ever so slightly IF tie the strings off above the nut doesn't do it. Will do so when I can get the chance to do so. The ringing however does not seem to be coming from above the headstock though if this matters. I agree 100% I am hoping it isn't something not fixable so to speak. I don't think it is in my technique though. I play as clean and precise as possible. I have always used D'Addario 9-42's, surely it isn't the strings? I change strings often as well so that isn't the issue either. That's just it. When I want to mute with tip of finger of course it is not an issue. But there are times when you want to play the string without muting at all and this is when it happens...in other words going from the low E string to the A string, as soon as my finger leaves the E string it is like as if I was pulling off maybe is a better way to put it versus hammer on. But again ONLY the two strings! This is the closest to describing what is happening, but its like a pull off more so thn a hammer on but still a ringing noise, and it drives me frigging insane! Maybe thats what I need to look at is to ensure i am not doing a light pull off! Again, thanks guys! And as soon as I get time from work to check it out I will get back with you guys...thanks so much!
  3. Thanks for the replies thus far! Just to clarify the ringing doesn't seem to be coming from above the headstock. I will try the string above the nut when I get back in from work in a few days to see if this is indeed the case. My initial thoughts was maybe the pups need to be lowered just a tad too. I agree play slow and clean and speed comes in time, and I do play clean even with speed, but just for some reason on these two strings as I stated as if a mild hammer on type ringing out after finger leaves the string. It is more predominate on lower end of fretboard as well versus up high past the 12th there is no ringing. And if memory serves me past say 9th fret and higher nothing. Is this something common as this is the first time I have dealt with this actually. I even wondered with temp and weather changes maybe an adjustment was necessary. Again thanks in advance for all suggestions and replies and I will get back to you all as soon as possible. Dave
  4. Here I have been away from the forum more or less for days and see a post on a 90's era Studio and thought well this might be interesting to see what this fella D!ck had to say about it and such. LMAO was I ever wrong haha. I find it amusing we all have opinions based upon or experience's and knowledge, but I have never understood why folks get bent out of shape and become so defensive. Sad it tis as I personally think this forum offers a LOT for anyone no matter who, what, when and where. I value and appreciate everyone's insight here. So with that said...hope everyone has an outstanding day and Happy Holidays to all!
  5. Okay gonna try to explain what is happening here. As an example, say I am just playing a scale, any scale doesn't matter. Only on the low E 6th and A 5th strings, whenever I go to move from say the E to the A I get a ringing from the E string, or from the A to the D a ringing from the A string, again playing any scale up or down, I get a ringing from the string I just left. Almost as if I was doing a soft hammer on. No matter how I remove my fingers, and I feel I am ok in my technique it happens, and only on these two strings, and only on this Lester. I also ensured it was not my picking hand with my palm possibly dragging across and causing the string to ring out, no matter if I hold my picking hand completely off of the guitar or if it is resting/anchored to the bridge so this isn't the issue either. Palm muting with picking hand of course it goes away. It would be different and wouldn't bother me but sometimes I do not want the strings muted, but the ringing has gotten to me haha. Now in as far as the Lester, I had Roger Morillo a Luthier I use set it up for me. Action is as low as possible without buzz and like I say only these two strings E and A. Could it be the pups need to be adjusted as they could be to close to the string since I don't believe an adjustment to pups was made after setup? Roger nor my cousin seem to have an issue but I am. I have not had the chance to go see Roger to explain to him what is happening since I live 3 hours away from him. I am not having this issue on any other guitar I have. So, hope this makes sense and please give me your opinions as you folks have a lot more experience than I do and this is about to drive me bat sh&% crazy! Thanks in advance! Dave
  6. Jamguy she is a beauty! 2013's is what bit me but couldn't find one with top I liked once I was ready to buy one. 2014's came out and I took the plunge. Although the 12th fret inlay doesn't bother me or look bad in my opinion, I will say that 2015 headstock is hideous at best. Again, Congrats on a fine Lester you have there!
  7. Midiman56 she looks fantastic! Stunning, no wonder Les Paul said to apply a Gold top, they simply look phenomenal!
  8. Now that IS what I am talking about! She's a beauty!
  9. WOW! Although not a fan of the Bigsby they are classic for sure, but you have a unique 2014 Traditional to say the least! Goldtop is probably my all time fav and someday I am gonna have to pull the trigger on one. Beautiful! Good Googly Goop Grady! WOW! Fantastic looking top and grain! Stunning absolutely!
  10. Gorgeous! You can't beat these 13 & 14 solid Traditional's they are simply in my opinion the best Les Paul's Gibson has put out in years! Beautiful Traditional!
  11. Ya reckon! Wow! Absolutely beautiful top and matching grain! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Wow! HNGD! Absolutely stunning!
  13. Absolutely beautiful top! Love the burst!
  14. Well here is my 2014 Traditional in HCS, so count me in as a new member of the Traditional Club! Absolutely plays, and sounds fantastic, sustain for days. Love the 59 pups! Quality and finish are superb. Never knew what I was missing out on until I had her in my hands. Excuse pics, cell phone, but best i could do for now. Hope to get some outside in good weather someday soon.
  15. Exactly as others have stated, try several and see what you like. Personally I like Marshall. The smaller MG 15/30 CFX series are in my opinion offer a lot of punch and effects for a small cost, and although small you can get that Marshall sound. But that is just me but an option to explorer. You gotta be happy with what you get.
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