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  1. Hi

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  2. That's a smoking deal !!!!! , I bought one last year , and I love it.
  3. 2015 Junior , I thought I'd try out the G force tuning .
  4. They build batches of them from time to time , mine was in a run of 65 instruments built January 2014.
  5. Nice !!! I'd love to have one of those
  6. A 50's Les Paul Junior re-issue , Mahogany , neck thru construction ( not plywood & bolt on neck ) with a P90 & Gibson shaped headstock , in vintage sunburst.
  7. I like them too , my Firebird is the first guitar I've owned that has those tuners.
  8. This came home with me a couple of months ago . It's an original un-molested 1987 SG standard with an original chainsaw case. I found it at my local music store , a trade in that had been looked after.
  9. Nice !! I've got one identical to it , case too . It's a keeper , now I need a P90 PRO 339.............
  10. I'm OK with what has been introduced , not buying one though , I'll go with something they already make , like a gold 56 les Paul with P90's , an ES 339 P90 pro in ebony or a Dot in either wine or natural. I'm buying another Epiphone this year , it will be one of the models I mentioned , leaning toward the 339 P90 pro , now if I could find a store that stocks them without me having to order one online.
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