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  1. Generally all the humbuckers on the SG's with the full pickguard are at a slight angle and not parallel with the strings. Some people correct this either by installing humbucker rings on top of the pickguard or adding foam underneath the pickups. I'm not sure why Gibson has not addressed this as it seems, especially with the treble pickup, like less surface area is under the strings. This is one of the reasons I now prefer the SG's with the small pickguard and pickup rings...the pickups on those are parallel to the stings.

  2. My 2016 SG Standard has steel covers on the humbuckers. The face of the humbuckers seem to be generally parallel with the face of the pickguard. The face of the humbuckers are way out of parallel with the strings.

    My question is simple are the humbuckers supposed to be parallel with the pickguard or the strings?



  3. I like Burstbucker pickup sets. The pickups have a white label on the back with BB1 or BB2. I've noticed allot of Burstbucker pickups advertised on eBay have other descriptions on the back (example AL V ) and some other descriptions.

    My question is simple. Is the pickup a real Burstbucker if the back label does not say BB1, BB2, or BB3?


  4. I own a Gibson 2001 SG Special. I didn't like the sound of the stock pickups. I thought the sound was thin and harsh. I had Seymour Duncan (Vintage Blues SH-1N & SH-1B) pickups installed. These sound allot like the Burstbuckers on my Les Paul (Joe Bonamassa) limited edition guitar.

    Both the Burstbuckers and Seymour Duncan's have a smooth mellow Blues sound. I think you could probably hear both the Burstbuckers & Seymour Duncan pickups on You Tube.

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