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  1. Not sure what you are trying to do, if you split the coil, the tone is going to change. What kind of tone are you trying to get out of it might be where you want to start.
  2. Does anybody know what case fits this guitar? Gibson L6-S custom?
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  4. tabeck5

    The Hawk

    The "Hawks" are IMHO one of the most undervalued Gibson's out there. I picked up a brand new Nancy Wilson Nighthawk for $800 on clearance, absolutely great guitar, especially after I replaced that stupid truss rod cover.
  5. 220volt that is an impressive pick collection, the pick is one of the more overlooked aspect of tone, probably even more important than strings in some very important respects.
  6. I think you are correct about that vintage era of picks being excellent, I had some Gibson jazz picks from that era and they were great. I have had luck with some of the Dunlop picks, especially the Jazztones (which are a bit thicker than .9mm). The Tortex pitch black are pretty good too and i think the material is pretty close.
  7. tabeck5

    String bends

    Really, Name Calling?
  8. Is Gibson ever going to put this in production? As I understand it, they debuted a prototype 10 years ago.
  9. Seller account already locked, almost certainly a scam, there are plenty of scammers on Reverb, I would not buy from anyone on there that just opened an account.
  10. Not sure what your weight limit is but the Princeton is a pretty versatile amp, they are less than 35 lbs, loud enough for small clubs, they have a good bluesy sound when pushed as well. The Vibrolux weighs in at about 42 pounds, but it is plenty loud for club gigs. For solid state the new blues cube 60W is about 30lbs, I have not played the new ones but the older ones were pretty decent amps, much better than the standard cube IMHO.
  11. SO glad I got the 2013, why even call it a Traditional, if I wanted weight relief I would buy something other than the Traditional.
  12. What is sort of maddening about the Traditional line is the whole concept of "Traditional", to me it should reflect the traditional specifications of the early LP's (not the earliest with the trapeze, but once they worked out all the kinks to establishing a carved top two-humbucker electric). I would say there is general agreement that it is somewhere from 1957 to 1959 (Some will certainly argue, but that is pretty close as far as I am concerned). Now I know there was inconsistency with regard to neck thickness, weights, pickup specs during this period, but generally when we think of these guitars from this period they are dual-PAF humbuckers (with outputs varying, but typically lower in output than in later years); Thick necks (again varying widely); non-weight relief. I think that the 2013 hit most of these things and did it admirably well. What I think is foolish is when you hear people saying I wish the traditional had a 60s neck, or coil splitting, or (insert later innovation here). Nothing wrong with wanting those in a guitar, but the traditional is for those that want something close to the original. It is kind of like saying I want a 66 Mustang, but I want it with power windows, air conditioning, seat heaters, etc etc. So if you want a simple LP that really comes close to the feel and tone of the early LPs go with the 2013. I really think the 2013 is one of their best efforts in recent years, I will never part with mine, that much I know.
  13. The guitar can be versatile, the mini humbucker I really like for Jazz and the middle position with the split alone was worth the price of the guitar. I looked for the 20th Anniversary but I could never find it in the fireburst, so I settled for the Nancy Wilson, which was immaculate in both construction and finish. The only thing I did was removed the foolish looking truss rod cover and replace it with a more appropriate one. They really are Gibson's best kept secret IMHO.
  14. Get a FSR tele with the ash body in butterscotch, you can find these used for less than $400 all the time. Take off the neck sell it on eBay, get a neck from Warmoth (59 roundback is the best neck profile they make imho), get a tele decal slap it on then throw in some Fender custom shop Nocasters and you will have an excellent players tele for probably less than $800.
  15. It is too bad that many LP players sneer at the NH, I think too many saw it as Gibson's venture into Fender Territory, while I would say that you can get "Fenderish" tones from the NH, it is entirely it's own guitar.
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