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  1. It just arrived to my office. I open it tomorrow. Cant wait to see what number i have /100. 🤘🏻
  2. These sold out almost immediately at AMS, and they told me they were only getting 5 or so after I ordered. The weird thing is that I cannot find them anywhere on the web, as if AMS was the first to promote them. They're not even released until Dec 12th of so, so they must have listed theirs early or something. Not even a blurb on the Epiphone website. Only thing I could find was an article on the Gibson site talking about the endorsement and how he would be working to develop some new products for Gibson and Epiphone. They are making just 900 unsigned versions world wide (without case) and just 100 signed verions (WITH case). Pretty limited indeed.
  3. So I am pretty Jazzed. I went to AMS (American Musical Supply)after receiving the Black Friday emails and ordered this amazing Flame top guitar for $1199. My link I then noticed that they also have an unsigned version available coming. The site didn't have much detail other than it was signed. Did not say where or anything, so I called Gibson. Gibson told me that are only offering 100 of these signed versions, so how cool is that? Great guitar, and it comes with a deluxe case for a fraction of its Gibson brothers price. The guitar I am told will be personally hand signed and numbered on the back of the head stock, where there is also the slash logo. Hand signed guitar from the man himself...and it is beautiful! Soooooo excited.
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