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  1. Probably sound like crap. That's why it has so little play wear on the neck. I'd rather have a nice vintage 'hog" Gibson that that. It's neat for sure , but the price is just crazy.
  2. It would have been interesting if you didn't know it was hide glue before playing it and compared it to another similar Gibson. I think the mind can "color" what I ears hear.
  3. I guess that tone, like beauty is in the ear/eye of the beholder.
  4. ZW, it's listed for that price, let's see if it sells for that price.
  5. I'd only consider it at that price if it didn't have the adjustable bridge. Too much a tone killer for me.
  6. Rather impressive, I likey!!! I just wish Gibson would get rid of the Grovers and just use the white button Kluson style 3 on a strip tuners on this and the J-15. I just don't like any type of die-cast enclosed tuners on acoustic guitars. :angry:
  7. Kinda like Gibson's version of a D-28. Geared towards the Martin/bluegrass crowd. It's basically a square shouldered Advance Jumbo model with 3 tone bars. I like mine better than the current J-60 reissues in that mine has a ebony fretboard and bridge, whereas the current ones are rosewood. Makes it a little closer to the D-28.
  8. I too like something out of the ordinary. I think that's one of the reasons that I like my J-60. They're not very common to begin with and the fact that mine is walnut instead of the normal rosewood makes it rather unique.
  9. Davy, Happy 64th and enjoy your new Gibson!
  10. Maybe another attempt by Gibson to go after the Taylor market.
  11. This may help. Did the one you see sound like this?: FWIW, I've also seen that in spruce/maple B/S.
  12. Thanks for the info Lars. I give him a call. Chuck
  13. What and stick someone else with it? Not my style bbg. I took it apart and drilled it out to 3/8 inch using a drill press. Then glued a dowel in for the screws to grab. If I could find the same pink velvet used in the interior lining, I make a new one out of plywood and replace the neck supports too. Then I finally have a decent case.
  14. I have a Gibson case like the one pictured here. The other day I noticed that the one end of the pocket was loose. No big deal I thought I just tighten up the outside screw and snug it back up. When I went to do it I noticed that the screw hole was striped. So I take both screws out to investigate and I notice that the wood piece is just a piece of 3/4" pressboard. I thought, nothing like buying a 3K guitar and supposedly getting a premium case to find the cheapest crap of wood use to make it. You mean to tell me that they couldn't spring for a piece of plywood. Were only talking about a piece of wood that's 6" X 4" in size. I know that Gibson doesn't make their own cases, but whoever made these for them should up their game some. What BS! I just use it at home,(fancy dust cover) but if I were a gigging musician, I would have to buy another case to be sure the guitar was adequately protected. And... the kicker is that when I took it apart I find that the two neck supports are made of hard styrofoam just covered in velvet!
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