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  1. You have the tastiest les paul studio i have ever seen. i actually love it so much. All you need now is to rub off the finish on the back of the neck and it will be the most awesome les paul ever. What pickups?
  2. Studios all have 50s necks matey. The 50s 60s neck thing is trivial as far as I'm concerned. Best thing to do is go in and play all ones you like the look of on the amp which you have at home. Cus remember the amp your using is just as important as the guitar. Plugging a gibson les paul custom into a line6 solid state amp aint gonna get you that tone.
  3. Check out the blackstar HT-5, or a few of the smaller blackheart amps. Valve tones at a miniature scale or, if you want the extreme end of the spectrum there's always the zvex nanovalve i think that's what its called.
  4. quit with the blue writing already. It's annoying. ...But good point
  5. WTF is up with that mdf lookin top? man that looks like something out of IKEA.
  6. I've always wondered what a sunburst v would look like... How would the layers go? Anyone seen any around?
  7. I've seen the queens of the stone age guitarist using the push tone live. Clever idea that.
  8. Gibson should find better things to build than a series of holy crap. http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=172073𪀩
  9. They have improved a ton, especially in recent years but they only really sound good in the right rig. I mean your only going to be able to get a ton of harshness if you play it with an amp which it isn't suited to. You need something with a lot of headroom and with the right eq you can get some amazing sounds out of them. Honestly though i prefer passive pickups, especially something like Bare knuckles nailbomb which will do as heavy as you like, but clean up magnificently. The idea behind this guitar though was it would be a dc axcess so the floyd rose is a big part of that, along w
  10. what? i quite like the look of this LP Artisan.
  11. okay, i don't like the idea of EMGs either, but it's not likely that bare knuckle nailbombs will be appearing on gibsons anytime soon, and I only put them in considering the specs on the longhorn. To be honest though the 490 and 498 combo would be the realistic choice if the guitar was ever made. Also by holes i meant the holy V and holy explorer, not the chambered or weight relieved guitars. This is also what I referring to when i talked about limited production guitars. Sorry for being a tad vague. Now that I've cleared that up. Anyone else got any cool ideas?
  12. To be honest the aforementioned les paul DC would be my dream guitar... i was just trying to second guess the majority in the forum.... and majorly failing XD i really think it would be pretty awesome though. I just don't get the deal with putting holes in guitars.
  13. How about a les paul axcess doublecut? 24 frets, 60s speed taper neck profile, ebony board with trapezoids, floyd rose tremolo, all the coiltap shabang, and EMG active electronics thrown in for good measure. only make 1000, MSRP at something like 4000 bucks and watch as the shredders fight over who gets to buy one. Sounds like a better plan than getting an iconic instrument and routing holes into it...
  14. India. I've got one, and it's terrible, but i like the sound :-
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