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  1. Hey yall I did finally sell the Gibson SG three and I sold it at center for 1300 who then promptly sold for 1999 two weeks later . It is unbelievable the Gibson SG thread is gone. I think that thread was one of the most popular ones and then they left a Gibson amp thread in which they haven’t even sold for years. But if anybody wants to keep this thread going as you could see I’ve been running it for quite a while but I went to an ES339 so I hate to let it die . Thomas
  2. Real nice guitar bill welcome to the forum ! i used to live in otis ma ( off the lake) but just moved back to vernon ct area. enjoy that guitar tom
  3. The Sg has the “57” s and a slim taper neck . i really like the 339 but i miss my SG and have the itch for one. There is one on reverb but have the sell the 339 to fund it. The 339 is extremely versatile but I know SG would substain a lot better. any thoughts ?
  4. The range of sounds i can get between the new design of the fender blues junior 4 and the memphis tone control system are amazing. This amp rivals much more expensive amps i have played. I can get almost Princeton cleans and really nice classic fender overdrive. And the semi hollow body sound like the best acoustic-electric i have played. They really complement each other more then i thought they would.
  5. I bought it used but was never played , I have not done any mods
  6. But its not both pickups full power ?
  7. Thanks bad and evans I did not realize the studio was different from the es339 . Also i have seen one with the custom shop sticker on the back but i think wmachine covered that somewhere. Yes jim i love the tone i get with the neck pickup on this studio 339. I been using it with the middle position with both tones on 6 or 7 but with the neck turned down to 5 or 6. The memphis control circuit you still get the same tone out of the neck pick up even though it’s turned down to five and you also get the bite of the bridge pick up turned all the way up . Real nice I have a rosewood fretboard on mine. Go figure 🤷‍♂️
  8. I researched the pickups and it seem the es 339 studio version had the “57” pickups. But the regular es 339 had the burstbuckers. It seemed like a reliable gibson dealer
  9. I dont think i did I just got the 339 last week
  10. Go on western mass craigslist and do a gibson sg 3 search for more photos. I can not load them here. 1600 beans
  11. Nice collection arcticSG. I think my 2007 sg 3 limited would fit right in there. Small photo on my sg 3 and custom thread and its for sale. 🤠
  12. Wmachine I noticed if i put in gibson with model number i get a bunch of online vendors that still have up on website the year and model of certain guitars. The question is why gibson would not do the same ? Servers are dirt cheap if its a storage issue . Anyway, my main issue with my es 339 is that every website gives a different description of what pickups are in guitar. Thanks for any help T
  13. Yes and the gibson sg3 and gibson custom thread i started years ago that is a couple doors down had about 150,000 hits last time i checked. And the new SG ‘s are 2 k Nice SG’s cheese 🙋‍♂️
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