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  1. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-custom-sg-custom-3-pickup-electric-guitar
  2. Bonwana can you post some photos of the SG 3 ?
  3. I did so my SG 3 and now I got the itch for another SG and I’m thinking of an SG standard T type with the slim taper neck in the 57 pick ups . Trying to find a good deal on one is difficult and they have gotten expensive . But then again only if Gibson is good enough ! Lol
  4. Thank you for the feedback I ended up getting a fender American special Stratocaster that is a 2016 manufacture and it has Texas specials on it and somebody change the Bridge out to a Wilkinson VSVG bridge . The Texas specials tend to be brighter and sharper then others so I ended up slamming to pick ups down flush with The pick guard and his soften them up in my next step might be to put some DR blues nickel strings on it to see if I can soften it up a little bit more . I like the vintage sound Stratocaster‘s so I guess that’s what I’m trying to get .
  5. In 2007 gibson made 400 black and 400 red gibson SG 3 guitars. If you look at my thread it has a wealth of information about these guitars . I believe all of the Guitar of the week went through Guitar Center. If you look there is a old video on you tube with the guy playing the Gibson SG 3 . It is The only Gibson that has the six way chicken head selector switch other then to Gibson SG three faded . i think lol
  6. I think one of the problems is there are so many variables regarding the type of guitar, the type of amp , and even the type of cord that you use . I think the burst bucker’s can get really brittle. They have a lot of treble. The big question is are you able to tone down the treble and still get good base tones ? There is a sweet spot but sometimes evasive. The Seymour Duncan pick ups as I said years ago seem to have a flatter response but the overdrive much better at loud volumes with little to no brittleness . But you are not getting that brown Gibson texture In sound.
  7. They play really nice , he has not been off the guitar yet i guess lol
  8. Thats very interesting. mine had a off serial number but gibson confirmed it was a real SG 3. It was either the first ( prototype) or a last one
  9. Congratulations ! can you post some pictures ?? tom
  10. Hello lets try to start this thread again ?
  11. After buying my ES 339 studio I figured I would get a Stratocaster for a different type of sound to go with my fenders blues Junior 4 and vox ac4 tv. The search has not been so easy. All the strats I played have sound too thin or they didn’t play right or they had other issues but I did play one today that was in really nice condition and it played really good but it just lacks the depth and the complexity of the ES339. i’m wondering if my ear has adjusted so much to this Gibson that i can’t really enjoy the single coil sound. Also I just bought a new GHS guitar c
  12. The SG 3 which has the six way switch that I think is the most versatile of the other three Humbucker guitars. what is the purpose of having three humbuckers if you can’t combine a couple of them. it makes no sense to me
  13. Bring back the gibson SG thread please ?
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