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  1. Yeap, pretty much what I figured, thanks for the comments guys.
  2. Coincidentally, just found this thread about another alleged Gibson in Portugal. Someone mentions an "Invader" which had a bolt on neck. But the back plates look different on this one as well. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/28334-old-les-paul-bolt-on-what-is-this-thing/
  3. Hi everyone, Although not an avid guitar player, and by no means a connoisseur, I do have a soft spot for Gibson Les Paul's, and I saw this one for $561, that seemed odd on a number of counts. http://www.custojusto.pt/Setubal/Instrumentos/Les+Paul+Custom+headstock+Gibson+antiga-8538046.htm?xtcr=35& Serial number, from what I gathered at one of those databases, points to a seventies guitar, 70/71/72. The headstock looks funky to me, front is black, back is green, neck is grey. Bit of a train wreck, no? Isn't that neck backplate also unusual? Don't remember ever seeing one in Gibsons. Any thoughts about it?
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