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  1. Gibson necks-- 30/60 neck versus Rounded C. This rounded C is on a current 2021 Gibson 339 Does anyone know how these two necks compare in thickness at the first few frets? Even better, does anyone have actual measurements at the first fret of one of both of these necks? Thank you very much. I'm considering a 2009 Gibson 339 vs. a new one (2021). Brian
  2. A few years ago, I bought a 339 and it came with a black book that said Custom Shop. There was a decal or something on the back of the head saying Custom Shop. The guitar case said Gibson Custom on it. It was made in the Custom Shop. Every bit of documentation said it online too. (I'm not talking about Studio models here either)--- On the newer 339 none of these things exist. No decal, no guitar case with Custom on it, no black book with custom on it. What's the deal???? Aren't they made in the Custom Shop any more? I want to buy another one, but I can't figure out what Gibson's
  3. I have owned 2 or 3 Epi Les Pauls and about 5 Gibsons (including Standards). Once I change the pickups and set them up perfectly, I could never tell the difference. Not in a thousand years. I also owned a 1960 Gibson 335 for over 30 years, and a newer one for a few years, and an Epiphone Sheraton. The tone was slightly warmer on the Gibsons, but aside from that, I can't honestly say that any one of those 3 was better than the other 2. I love Epiphone. (once I change the pickups to Classic '57s.) :) I even had 2 cheap Epi SGs ($199) and once I put the Classics in them, they were GREAT.
  4. NO kidding. I'm really impressed. I'm glad they're still great, because although there were only about 3 songs I knew by them, I think those 3 songs are among the top class songs in all of rock history. - Everybody Want to Rule the World, Shout, and Head Over Heels. Good for these guys. :) Thanks for the vid.
  5. If you have an LP case, I'll trade you. Where do you live?
  6. You're right and wrong. He got too stoned. He may have missed notes- maybe I haven't listened to the live stuff that had the missed notes (I saw him play live in '69). A lot of his songs were crap because they were just too weird. But when he was playing well (which was most of the time in his solos), NO ONE could touch him. Obviously you don't understand why, and that's not amazing. His good playing was an example of feeling first and THEN, playing what you feel. So much of his playing was not in time at all, just like when you talk. That's genius. He doesn't play fast like the shred
  7. axuality

    I returned

    I exchange my new flawed finish Classic Custom, and the new one has "situation"also I left a post here a couple weeks ago about my new CC goldtop with an air bubble in the finish. Intolerable. Guitar Center took it back nicely, ordered me a new one and here it is below. (all the white spots are lights in the room.) It has a 3 inch black line running across the grain (not with the grain), and it looks like magic marker, and it is UNDER the finish. I see other dark lines, but they're not as distinct, don't look the same up close and run WITH the grain, and obviously ARE the grain. What
  8. The two best amps I've ever heard for the money, are the Bugera V22 -$400, 22 watts tube, 1-12" speaker, nice and chimey and full also. They used to dependability issues a few years ago. I think that's done. Mine has been great for two years. And Blackstar. Blackstar aren't quite as boutique sounding, but they are perhaps more SERIOUS sounding amps-made by guys who left Marshall. A little more expensive than the Bugera. The 1-12" 20 watt is probably $600, the 1-12" 40 watt is $700 (I had this 40, it was amazing!! -I traded it for a bigger Blackstar)
  9. Fortunately, I think your machine is wrong. Jogging burns 900 calories per hour. 300 in 20 minutes. If you're only burning HALF of that, your machine is off or your not working very hard (which I'm not saying :) )
  10. He is playing in a very highly improvised way. That's his vision. A lot of us do what he's doing. He using a simple minor scale, one poster said the Dorian, and he's right. It's almost certain that he's not playing a bunch of stock licks but is feeling his way through this minor scale (he knows it pretty well, since he's played in it so often), and he tries a few little experiments. He knows that he can play a D note and he knows that he can play a C note since they're both in the scale. As the other poster pointed out, he plays a C#, which is NOT in the scale, but he knows that if you do
  11. And less wood altogether. The LP sounds bigger, and more solid. I don't have too much experience with the SGs, but I believe there is a bigger tone range available on the Les Pauls also. I prefer LPs, but if had I to play an SG only, I'd love it, love it, love it.
  12. Hey guys. I've owned Gibson all my life. They're my favorite guitars. Right now I have 2 electrics- a 339 and a Les Paul Classic Custom. I love 'em both.

  13. It sounds great, and the guitar does too. Congratulations on the new amp! :)
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