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  1. Gibson necks-- 30/60 neck versus Rounded C. This rounded C is on a current 2021 Gibson 339 Does anyone know how these two necks compare in thickness at the first few frets? Even better, does anyone have actual measurements at the first fret of one of both of these necks? Thank you very much. I'm considering a 2009 Gibson 339 vs. a new one (2021). Brian
  2. A few years ago, I bought a 339 and it came with a black book that said Custom Shop. There was a decal or something on the back of the head saying Custom Shop. The guitar case said Gibson Custom on it. It was made in the Custom Shop. Every bit of documentation said it online too. (I'm not talking about Studio models here either)--- On the newer 339 none of these things exist. No decal, no guitar case with Custom on it, no black book with custom on it. What's the deal???? Aren't they made in the Custom Shop any more? I want to buy another one, but I can't figure out what Gibson's doing !!:""#$@%$$@# ????? Thanks
  3. Hey guys. I've owned Gibson all my life. They're my favorite guitars. Right now I have 2 electrics- a 339 and a Les Paul Classic Custom. I love 'em both.

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