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  1. with the major operating systems dropping 32 bit support we need a 64 bit version sooner as oppose to later. live and Digital Performer both support only 64 bit plugins at this point and it's been several years since the 64 bit architecture became standard, any idea when we will get a 64 bit DD?
  2. my understanding is that both apple and microsoft are going to be dropping support for 32 bit programs in future OS updates, I really need DD to be 64 bit sooner rather than later.
  3. Does Gibson allow second hand license sales like imageline did?
  4. do you have any estimates on when DD will be 64 bit?
  5. I just installed the latest pre release version, 2.7.3 and it doesn't show up in live 10 either.
  6. I just got to Ableton Live 10 and DD will not show up in the VST folder, is it still 32 bit or something? If it is 64 bit are there any known issues with Live compatibility. I also just realized that it's not showing up in Digital Performer either, also 64 bit only.
  7. It might be good if there was an input option for from host in the midi scripting assignment window. I think it would be useful to be able to separate midi messages from the controllers and from the host, like in the options window where you select your midi controllers and script maps there should be an option to say "receive midi from host", and then an option to simply check "to all" where any midi message in from the host that matches up to any selected controller will work, or you could check a box that says "from script" and create a custom midi script for all messages from the host program.
  8. Thank you very much, I appreciate the response and look forward to the next update.
  9. Hello, I am using DD as a vst inside of ableton live, I just recently updated to V2.5 after some time away from DJ'ing. previously in DD V1.x I used to be able to do this... I would use dummy clips in ableton to trigger play and cue points in DD, this allowed the decks in DD to stay in perfect sync with ableton at all times. now after installing DD V 2.5 I cannot get DD to respond to midi clips, it seems that evan as a vst it only responds to external midi controllers. is this correct or am I missing something. I have created a remote sl midi script and everything responds properly from the external controller, but I cannot get an ableton dummy clip to trigger anything in DD. I can't figure out what the issue is but I really need to be able to set this up with proper functionality again. is there a way to make DD respond to ableton dummy clips? Thanks, Mike Edit: P.S., I would also like to see a return of DD Solo for use inside of DAW's, will it return?
  10. I found the SCS3m spec online for anyone who needs it... https://www.mediafire.com/?e2z9vyd6th4oaa2 scs3m MIDI.pdf
  11. I need the midi spec for the scs3m please...
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