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  1. Yes, it has a wooden neck and as you say, would be great for a trip with limited space......or a gigging guitar for someone with back problems as its so light. I fitted a string adapter so that it takes normal strings. ~~It stays in tune perfectly.
  2. Thanks for the help. I'm interested in the fact that it is a 'legal' copy of a good quality guitar while in itself being really well made. I'm happy to know that it may be worth 300 dollars. I've seen a few Cort 'Steinberger' basses on Ebay but never a six string. Is it a more rare guitar than the basses? The trem. has a locking mechanism. I'm not familiar at all really with Steinberger guitars so I have to plead ignorance on the various types of tremolo systems. There is a set of instructions on the side saying "Lock to tune. Unlock to use tremolo. etc and a diagram about adjusting the knob so the trem stays in tune etc." There is a serial no....8616992 Is there any way that you can think of in which I might find out when it was made. The guitar has clearly been well used but while I've had it for about 12 to 15 years I have just kept it in my collection. Thanks
  3. I own a 'Steinberger' which is a Licensed Copy made by Cort. I'm not sure of which original proper Steinberger model it is a copy. It's a six string with a trem and two passive humbuckers. I wonder is there any interest in such a guitar? I've never seen or heard of any others. I actually bought it about 15 years ago for 40 Euro in a computer store in a little town in County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. It was just lying in a corner with a FOR SALE tag so I bought it. Does anyone know anything about such a guitar or have any thoughts on it. It plays superbly and the p.u.s are really great. I'd guess by its condition when I bought it that it is now between 25 and 30 years old. Is there any way that you know to research info on it? Thanks,
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