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  1. Sounds intriguing, I just put on a set of Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Swing 11's around a week ago and wow! This really woke up the tone. Not everyones preference but this is now my #1.
  2. I actually managed to luck out yesterday. I walked into the Sam Ash store in Cherry Hill NJ for the first time and they happened to have one hanging on the wall behind the counter. I gave it a test and couldn't resist so I bought it on the spot! I will post photos a little later. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for replying Jeremy, I will go ahead and call them today and cancel. Each day I go to the website and each day the date gets pushed back by a day. It's a shame as my wife is interested in learning and would prefer the shorter scale and I'm not in the part of the salary scale that let's me buy a Byrdland :) How do you find the Custom and it's playability? I was looking at this one too. Many thanks, Chris
  4. So in late March I ordered a Gibson Midtown Kalamazoo from MF and was informed it was due in stock on 4/4. Since 4/4 I have been logging in to their site and this date keeps getting pushed back, now it's 4/20. From a little research I see that pretty much everyone else showing this guitar as no longer available at all while MF is still advertising it. Is anyone aware of the MK being out of production and I may as well give up on MF? Cheers!
  5. A beauty, love the pickups too. Congratulations!
  6. Just thinking that the intent behind the Studio is as a studio workhorse while the higher models are intended more for performance or show. I would be thrilled if the pick guards were not installed on any LP and the option was given to the owner. Just a personal preference and opinion. :)
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I think for now I'll just put the screws back in the holes and see how that looks, maybe get a couple of same size black screws that will blend a little better with the Chicago Blue. I did buy this from Sweetwater and they did showcase the guitar with the pickguard on so I can't totally complain. It's just the finish is so nice I am now thinking I would rather the guard be gone. Thank you all again.
  8. Hi, I'm looking to remove the pick guard from my 2013 Chicago Blue Traditional and was looking for advice on what to do about the screw holes that are left behind. Is there any recommended filler types that won't affect the surrounding wood or finish or is it ok just to leave the screw hole as is? Any advice would be appreciated and I apologize now as I am a newbie to this site. IMHO I think that Gibson might be better served to not have the pick guard attached to any model above the studio. Just include it in the case as they did with my Standard and give the player the option. Cheers! Chris
  9. Proud owner of 2 Gibson (2012 Standard and 2013 Traditional) and 2 Epi Les Pauls plus an ES-195. By no means an expert player but a very enthusiastic amateur.

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