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  1. I am about to put a new set of electrics and pickups into an Epi Sheraton II. I was thinking for future convenience that it might be a nice idea to use a connector between the pickups leads and the rest of the electrics. Has anyone any experience of doing this and can recommend (or advise against) a solution? I was looking at things called 'Deans connectors', which look like they might do the trick. The pickups are two-wire, so that simplifies things a little. Any ideas gratefully received.
  2. Edit: *ignore me I was looking at the wrong photo!* Am I the only one who thinks that the neck is coming away from the body?? If not that then it looks at least like it has taken a hard knock.
  3. Thanks for the tip. My Sheraton seems to like 11s so I'll give them a go next time I restring.
  4. Hello all, until I was noodling around on the Internet today I had no idea that Sheraton 'Epiphone by Gibson' headstocks were in anyway rare. I've owned the guitar below for nearly 20 years having bought it second hand in Norwich, UK. I think I was going through a jazz phase and thought it might fit the bill. It was in stock condition, if memory serves, albeit missing the pickguard. Most of the gold hardware was tarnished and I replaced the bridge and stop and possibly some or all of the tuners. It plays OK but is a real bugger to tune which I think is down to the nut. The nut seems a little narrow for the neck - is this normal? I'd be a liar if I said that it's my favourite ever guitar. I find it a little dark (I'm basically a Strat man, I think) but I've resolved to give it a fret dress and a new nut this year to see if a little love won't pay dividends with the sound.
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