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  1. Hi Simon, It did sell for 3499. I put it in my local branch of GuitarGuitar. They sold it for 15% commission, which would work out similar to what it would have cost me on eBay. keep in mind my 25/50 was in fantastic condition. Hope this helps. Martin.

  2. Thanks Hemply, I really appreciate your reply. "To me it sounds like someone trying to move some inventory that has been sitting" It doesn't sound right to me either Hemply, hence my question on this forum. Mind you, they didn't try to sell me anything else, except a natural Les Paul Custom that is on order. The thing is I would really love one of these guitars, but if the neck is thick, I can't use it...??? I'm gonna have to speak to Gibson UK about this... If anyone can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again...
  3. I'm still working on getting one but to-day my Gibson dealer told me that the neck is similar to a 58 ie: very thick & chunky. He demonstrated by showing me three Les Pauls, one with a 60's neck, one with a 50's and a 58 reissue. The 60's and 50's were fine, but I found the 58 to be a bit too much for my tastes. Before I chase this up further, could anyone verify the information given by my dealer? Thanks!
  4. Shucks! It seems that they won't ship internationally...
  5. Thanks guys! Good news about the 60's neck on the figured top too, as that is exactly what I want. I'll have to work out what the import duty & tax will be, but this is really tempting...
  6. Is the 68 LPC Reissue still in production? I'd like to order one but I can't find any mention of them on the website...
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