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  1. How bout all the 40s and 50s L-00s and LG-2s. Light as a feather, been beat on for decades, most didn't know about humidity, but they keep going and going, sounding superb.
  2. I had a feeling waxing a well used guitar would be a bad idea. I like to clean up any guitar I get, kind of makes it mine. The guitar isn't sticky and doesn't seem dirty. Being 65 years old, I wonder if there's any residual grime or polish? I've read using naptha safely cleans guitars. Man, I love the little gem, I think I'll just leave it alone and just play it. After a few days outside on the porch, that slight odor has gone away. When I was looking around for answers, I discovered lots of good suggestions, which I never did try, such as baking soda or coffee grounds to soak up an odor or a UV light to kill anything that would create a moldy smell. Never tried any of these, just passing it on.
  3. Thanks for the help here guys. I let it air out a few days on the patio and that seems to have done the trick. TV Guit, I've used virtuoso on other guitars and it works great, used it on a low mileage 54 L-50 I have with great results. The 48 LG-2 has lots of miles on it, sounds great is structurally sound, but has lots of wear. Think it would be safe to use polish?
  4. Thanks for the replies. The guitar case has the same slight odor, so it may be the case. I've read good old fresh air, charcoal, coffee grounds etc. are all good. Not too worried, it's not much of a smell. I think I'll go the fresh air rout, leave it on the covered patio for a while. Thanks again.
  5. I recently bought a 40s LG-2, an amazing guitar. Sounds so wonderful and plays so nice. After playing it for awhile I notice a slight kind of musty smell. Do you guys have any ideas how to safely deal with it or if I should?
  6. Hi, Thanks Chas..Back of neck is rounded but not chunky...1 3/4" nut...there is a lot of specification information on the web:


  7. Hi,

    I'd like t know a bit more aout your Lowden. Can you decribe the neck profile adn string spacing?

    Thanks, Bruce

  8. I have a 68 MM, SG-like double cut away. Super comfortable. I also replaced the pick ups with Seymore Duncans. It's a great little guitar, but I've been told not worth a whole lot. Wish I could be more help.
  9. Good idea, eliminate the guess work. How cool is it to be exchanging ideas with someone half a world apart. Enjoy your new guitar.
  10. My 1954 L-50 needs a good case. I’d prefer something vintage but protection is the name of the game. Where might I start the search? I have a 60’s archtop case available if someone's interested in a trade. The 60’s case is too deep, but will work with some extra padding on top, it’s stronger than chip board but not quite a hard shell.
  11. Mine shippped from a little above freezing to the 70s here in Florida. I shipped Fed Ex overnight, so it was kept moving along the system. I did wait about 4 hours, it was wasn;t as hard since I was working while waiting. Since you posted early this morning, you should be playing by now.
  12. Happy to report the L-50 arived in great condition. Just did the waiting game thing. Really happy I bought this remarkably clean 56 year old guitar.
  13. I learned something from your post, thanks.
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