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  1. I like witch hats only if the pots turn relatively easy and they aren't falling off on their own..I don't like looking for knobs on the carpet when I'm drunk. my 1977 Es 355 and 73 345 had them and they were ok. This SG has those crap ones you see on ebay in a bag of 100 for a dollar..big numbers like they have on Hiwatts or something..I had to sand off the numbers because I could see the numbers across the room and they looked way wrong. Someday I might get better knobs..all I have around here for spares is old speed knobs at the moment. It's a beater guitar for sure but it's cool that it's very loud not plugged in...I just kick back and play it without an amp sometimes. When it's plugged in I can't explain it but it sounds awesome to me. Back in 1988 I had a 1963 LP SG standard that sounded pretty good but my girlfriend slammed the door of my trans am on the case behind the seat and broke the neck off right through the case..this 69 sounds way better. I'm pretty sure gibson went with the large pickguard not to protect the finish but to help hold the neck in the body. Blah blah blah have a good day ya all! Yee haw!
  2. I'm thinking that dimarzio dlx are gonna be the ticket...I'll keep the originals in my box of junk..but I am gonna talk to my guitar guy about wax potting. Thanks for all the input
  3. Yeah some minis might be ok but my minis do have the SSF going on. It sounds good with both pickups on playing clean..sounds like my gretsch. Sounds good with both pickups on...gain cranked up on my marshall..with the neck volume rolled back just a hair it has a pretty good tone actually. With just the bridge pickup on under power it's ear piercing shrill and clean it makes you wish it had a b bender because chicken picking telecaster style crap is about all it's good for.
  4. Yeah those upside down pics suck don't know how I managed that. The knobs are beautiful aren't they..3 dollar knobs with the numbers sanded off..they don't look so terribly wrong from 5 feet away. At least they didn't ruin the serial number. I forgot this is the collector not necessarily player site but here is another pic anyway before I bow out. Have a good day ya all!!! Yee haw!
  5. I recommend the Marshall jcm 900 slx 100 watt head. They are cheap..or used to be I haven't been in the market for years but I've had a few different Marshalls..jcm 800s..900s..but when I got my slx man I was done looking.
  6. It's had a rough life but it sounds great and stays in tune great..don't be afraid of picking up a beater..they can be great.
  7. I've had 7 SGs over the years and my all time favorite is my beat down 69 standard.
  8. I've had probably 20 Les Pauls too...Mostly customs.. Some were super nice. Ironically the one I've always liked the most and will probably always have is a 92 standard that was once sunburst and has had the top sanded down and painted probably 6 times now..maybe it's worth 700 bucks lol
  9. Thanks for the responses! I just put some new strings on it and am going to see about the wax potting when I take my Dove in for a new nut hopefully soon. Maybe I'll try out some aftermarket ones too. Thanks again
  10. Hi everyone. I have a 73 goldtop Les Paul that I have had for years and years. I hate the mini humbucker in the bridge position..neck one sounds ok. I was wondering if anyone has tried a seymore Duncan or other mini pickup in one of those. I hate the feedback I get from it and it just doesn't sound good to me but I don't want to cut up the guitar..it's pretty nice otherwise. What is a good pickup to try to swap into it? I like that it sounds like a telecaster in some ways but I think I want to try a different pickup someday. Thanks for any responses.
  11. They are all over the place..I don't think I've had two of the same necks on any of the 20 or so Les Paul's I've had. The biggest one I had was on a 70 deluxe..my 73 deluxe is really thin.The smallest thin neck ever was on a 77 artisan. Had a 74 custon with 5/8 nut and real nice small round neck..had a 79 custom with big neck. My 1992 standard that I love and will never sell is medium and round. I had a 2002 custom that was big and terrible...my 69 SG standard is big but I love it. You really have to try it out in person because people don't really describe profiles too well...everything is slim tappered after playing my 69 SG.
  12. Dylan was great..he was talking up the USA. The Chrysler 200 is a cheap disposable car that will be worth less than a gibson melody maker in 3 years but they got a real deal absolute American guy there to sell it and mission accomplished for them. If Dylan was trying to sell me a Kia because he thought it had a good warranty it would have been a different story.
  13. I had a 70 gold top deluxe that I bought from some one who thought it would look better black..so back long ago he sanded it down to paint it. it had nice flame on all three pieces of the top so he left it natural. The tops grains didn't match well so that could be why it was originally sprayed gold instead of cherry burst. Who knows whats under the finishes but I would never take off a finish to find out.
  14. Never saw a triple pickup standard before...do you have a picture of the center pickup body routing?
  15. LOOs are decent..the v neck is neat. I had a 1936. It stayed in tune great for how lousy the tuners looked. Nice guitar to have..enjoy it! I found the finish on the top seemed to scratch easier than most other Gibsons...discovered that after too many cocktails one night.
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