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  1. I put good Martin SP strings on my new Epi and it went up about 5 notches in tone.
  2. Master builts have a good reputation, but I just bought an EL-00 pro, and love it! You can add some extras, and add the hard shell case and still be in your budget easily. I put Martin SP strings on it right away and really improved the sound. I will special order Tusque nut and bridge to boost it a bit. This is a keeper! Worth looking at. Musicians friend is selling a bunch of thesse lately. Word is getting out.
  3. The new Pro model is, I believe, most under rated.It has a great voice for a smaller body, very comfortable neck, decent pickup, and very good fit and finish. It is very comfortable to hold and pick. We ought to be seeing more sales of these! I love mine. The stock strings are not too bad, but Martins bring it to life.
  4. I just picked up my EL-oo pro today! It is a great instrument. It is more comfortable for me than a Dred, has a shorter neck length, has a great neck feel, Grover tuners, Fishman pick up system, solid spruce top, etc. All for under $300! It has a thinner body, and is not as bassy or deep sounding as a dreadnought, but it is well balanced in sound top to bottom. The finish on mine is just wonderful, and the top is a little more orange than yellow that you see in pictures. Pick one up ASAP!
  5. I just got an EL-OO Pro. Love the shorter scale and smaller body. Fabulous instrument.
  6. whatever thy offer, I hope Epiphone expands their smaller guitar offerings. I have a Dr-100, and it has its place if you use it for its purpose. the Drednought is great for big strummers, and perhaps flat picking, but for more finger style ans blues, even folk, the 000 has great balance ans is easier to hold. With modern elctronic amplification, being heard doesn't have to be an issue any more. Classical guitar bodies are a great size, and can cut with the best.
  7. There has been some discussion on Epiphone cutting out a bunch on dreds from production. There may be a good answer, and here is what I have discovered. I have recently talked to the owners of local guitar stores in my area, because I was looking for a decent but not too expensive OOO size instrument. They all told me that that they are seeing a definite trend in the last 5 years on people asking for smaller body guitars, and some with shorter scale lengths. It seems that there is now a desire to return more to the "standard" guitar which was very popular before the Drednought became popular. The Dred became popular for its grater volume and bassey sound, but those were in the days when we did not have popular on board amplification as we do now. The standard guitar has great balance, and with internal amplification, is a better option for us short guys, kids and women. I suspect that we will see more O/M and OOO body styles come out to replace the Drednought heavy line up. for finger pickers and us smaller folks, this is actually good news.
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