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  1. That's agreat help, thank you. And I have to agree - if I can get Peter Green's tone I wouldn;t be too unhappy about that! He was one of the reasons I picked up a LP in the first place. Cheers
  2. Any thoughts on Orange amps? I have a 1x12 cab of theirs which sounds great with my little marshall 1-watter, but have never used the heads/combos. Apparently they can give Marshall a bit of a run for their money in the 'Brit' sound.
  3. Agreed - what you get with a Marshall is a Marshall sound (or Marshally range of sounds). It works for me most of the time, but there are times when I plug in to something different for a brighter, cleaner kind of noise. The Laney VC15 and Vox AC4 are favourites. As a newbie, not sure if I can use thew F-word here on a Gibson forum, but for blues I do like a Fender valve...there, I said it.
  4. Lots of great amps around - i've used Fenders, Voxs, Laneys and various others, most had something good about them (especially my Laney VC15), but I keep coming back to that Gibson LP/Marshall combination. Just picked up (at a great price) one of the JMP1c anniversary combos, so that I can get 'that' sound at house friendly volumes. Got to say I was besotted from the moment I plugged it in. Warm, gutsy, straight outta the 70s. I'll be adding a 1X12 cab at osme point (probably the Orange PPC112, though i'm open to suggestions), but even with the little speaker it already has, I'm rediscovering
  5. Fair points. Hard to tell sometimes when someone is a genuine guy with a hard-luck story or is up to no good. He's a drummer, so he's already a hard-luck story... We should probably assume the former, until instinct (or our NASA training) suggests otherwise.
  6. Crossed my mind too, Pippy. Recently bought my first Les Paul, then my second, and both were 'boy I waited a long time for this moment' purchases. So I bought new, from a reputable source. I considered eBay etc (who doesn't, when money is tight?) but only for a moment. To the majority of us, buying a Gibson is a big deal, and if something looks too goood to be true...well, you know the score.
  7. Nearly there...so far: TC Spark Booster MXR Badass 78(the red one) MXR Chorus (the yellow one) TC Ditto Looper MXR Carbon Copy Fuzz Factory 'Freak Out' (custom build job from Jed's Peds) All rigged and ready on a Pedaltrain Mini with power supply. This week I'll probably get the wah - will go for the Dunlop/Custom Audio model with bypass and the built-in line booster, unless anyone persuades me otherwise? It's all sounding very nice by the way! Thanks for the help everyone. Jon
  8. Wow. That is something else altogether. Bigger pedal board needed....
  9. Found the wah; Dunlop Custom Audio, looks like just what I'm after, will try to hang on to this one.
  10. Thanks Ryan, I didn't know that; I assumed people just used them with daisy chains. Was hoping to avoid the extra expense of a Voodoo Lab but might have to go for it after all.
  11. Thanks Zep, I'll try and find it. So far, picked up a Ditto Looper, which gave me great fun over the weekend, and an MXR Caron Copy which will arrive this week. I've got a muff-type fuzz on the way too, having one built by Jed's Peds with custom artwork (Zappa's Freak Out cover). Tube Screamer, TC Spark Boost, wah and Analog Chorus from MXR to go and I'll be done. Plannning on using a Pedaltrain 2 (or nano, if it will all fit) with a Volto underneath. After that, who knows...pedal addiction definitely kicking in...
  12. I've had two crybabys in the past (one stolen after gig, the other lost in house move), but am looking for something that has true bypass (having finally found a guitar/amp combination that really works for me, I don't want to mess with the sound too much). Do you think the DC has much of an affect when turned off? I see that Vox do a hand-wired wah with true bypass, but it only runs on batteries, which is a bit of a pain. Thanks
  13. That's been a great help, thank you. I've bought a TC Ditto, and will be getting a couple of MXRs in the near future. Still looking for a trye bypass wah, but i'm nearly there! Tom, I LOVE the VC15. Looks classic, enough tone control but not too much, f/x/ loop, good reverb - and above all, the tone is just what a valve amp ought to be. I just wish they did a really small neighbour-friendly 1-watter. I have to say that the VC15 is quite loud for its wattage. If mine disappeared, I'd track another down promptly.
  14. Hi all, I suspect this may be a well-worn topic but I'll give it a go. I use a 2013 LP Standard Gold Top and also a Traditional pro II, through a Laney VC15. It sounds great through both channels, but I'd like to add a range of sounds (compressor, delay, wah and possibly fuzz/muff) without losing the original warm, valvey signal too much. I know lots of pedals claim to be 'true bypass' these days, but can anyone recommend anything in particular? I'd also like a loop in there soemwhere, and don't have a preference between individual stomps and a a multi f/x - as long as it sounds g
  15. Only once myself, Brighton in 1988, but i've seen Dweez a couple of times and managed to meet him and Vai backstage at Manchester a few years ago. I like a broad range of music but always come back to Frank (and to an extent, Beefheart)when I need to hear something really special. His guitar work always gets me - Waterlmelon in Easter Hay is a classic but there's so much good live stuf...

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