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  1. My 2013 Studio with the 498T bridge pup, and 490R neck pup. My favourite high gain sounds are had with this bridge pup.
  2. This has to be the best looking Studio I've ever seen. The amount of flame is incredible.
  3. I've seen your Studio Pro before, so HNGD for the Futura. The P90 really is a great idea. I tend to play nearly everyting on the bridge pup of my Studio, as after playing Strats for many years, I find the neck and middle a little dark, even with the coil tap.
  4. The 498T/490R is even darker sounding! I was thinking about a '14 LPJ, but the 50s neck profile, and extra weight of the Traditional, in comparison to Modern weight relief, swayed me to the '14 Studio. It's a much better playing and sounding guitar than my '13 Studio. Maybe my '13 was just an average one?
  5. I had a 2013 Studio in Vintage Sunburst. I'm sure you'll love your Wine Red. HNGD!
  6. An Epi case is good thinking. Looks like top quality too. Might just look into that. I'm not crazy about the Gator case I got for mine.
  7. Great pics, and beautiful guitar! Your Studio has a heck of a lot more flame than mine. What type of case is that?
  8. You think the 490T and R are unequal in volume? You wanna try the 498T and the 490R! You need to adjust the 498T so low that it almost falls off its springs to get anywhere near equal with those 2. Maybe one reason Gibson teamed the 490R up again with the 490T.
  9. This time last year MF used was full of 2013 models, and the year before 2012, and so on, and so forth. A new model comes out and you get the usual candidates who order 'em with no intention of keeping them, just to try them out. Full credit to MF for listing them as used though. A lot of other sites just relist them under the new section again, when even at best they're supposed to be relisted as "B stock". I had a 2013 Studio, and much prefer my '14 all 'round, even though I had to buy a case for it.
  10. Started playing seriously in 1972 and had a couple of cheap Les Paul copies among other cheap guitars. My first Gibson was a 70s SG Std that put me off Gibsons for a long time. Played Strats for 35 years, before getting my first "real" Les Paul in January this year.
  11. The Honeyburst finish Studio is the only one that the back of the neck is finished in clear laquer so you can clearly see the Maple. My Brilliant Red Burst is Red all over, including the back of the neck. Honeyburst was my first choice actually, but my local shop only had BRB, Ebony, or Wine Red, so I ended up with BRB. Am more than happy with it tbh!
  12. Looking forward to them. HNGD! Thanks man! Some don't like the inlay, but I feel the same way as you about it. Definitely a plus imo.
  13. Thanks! Good to see another '14 Studio, looks great. I got a Gator hardshell case for mine off Amazon for £54, compared to £140 for a Gibson. Didn't see any Epi cases on there, but they sound like a great bargain too.
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