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  1. Do all the SG's look like this, with one Grover labeled tuner? One of these things is not like the other.
  2. Here is the first pic, guitar plays great, gave it the once over, plays even better.
  3. Hey Guys, Just back from Memphis, took the tour, it was pretty good. Bought a new firebird in the guitar shop at the factory. It was a 2013 so they gave me $400 off. All the prices were pretty much the same as Guitar Center or anywhere else. Only gave $1300 for the bird, they also shipped to my house for $20 and since I was out of state I didn’t have to pay sales tax. Sales people were very helpful. They even gave me a free shirt. All in all a great trip. NGD!!! Chris
  4. Well that is disappointing to hear, do they have salesmen there? Do you think they would deal with you?
  5. Hey guys, Has anyone been to the Gibson factory tour? Are the guitar prices higher at the factory? Chris
  6. I have all three, I don't recommend the V, it is hard to play seated and it’s hard to get the higher frets at times because of the body design. The explorer is awesome, a real rocker, it has a growl to it, bridge pickup is real hot and as big as it is, it plays very compact, all the frets are right in your face, still a little hard to play seated, hangs great on a strap. The firebird is also a good choice, the neck seems longer because of the construction. I love the tuners, the pickups have a slightly more mellow sounding than the explorer, still lots of edginess there. With the neck through
  7. Hey everyone, Just an update, I have tighten the truss rod very slightly, the action is now set to what Gibson suggests. It plays a lot better, still a little buzz on g and b, but I can live with that. I also figured out my pick issue. When I put it back together I swapped one of the magnets. In these pickups apparently the magnets are set to opposite poles. I am much happier with the bird now. Thanks for all the suggestions. Chris
  8. Hello all, I setup all my Gibson's the same way, per Gibson's specs. But on almost all my Gibson's the G and B strings end up with fret buzz. Just curious if others have experienced the same thing?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I had it pretty strait and the frets buzzed pretty bad, so I loosened it some, it got better, but still buzzes. The bridge is really high now, not much help there. Wondering if I might need to have the nut shimmed. Chris
  10. Just a plain old 2007 in cherry, but I love it.
  11. I did a truss rob adjustment on the bird, I tighten it about 3/4 turn, it did help the flexibility in the neck, but caused more fret buzz. I backed it down to about 1/4 turn, its better, but still some buzz and the action isn't as low as I thought it should be. Not sure how to get rid of the buzz, it’s on most of the frets, but more on 1-9. Chris
  12. Thanks for the input guys, I am going to take it to the local guitar guru and see what they think.
  13. Hi all, I got a firebird a couple of weeks ago and it has had some issues. When I got it the bridge pickup would go in and out at random times. I pulled it apart and found one of the coil wires was lose. I re-soldered all the connections and it seems to have fixed the issue. Before I took it apart I didn't notice, but now it seems the bridge pick is much quieter then the neck pickup. Is this normal, or did I mess something else up when I was in there? I have raised it really close to the strings, but is still low volume compared to the neck pickup. Also, on my bird there seems to be a
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