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    Music: blues, folk, rock. Books: fiction, history. Wine: red. Love playing my guitar and listening to my kids discover the joy of music for themselves.
  1. Ah very cool. I've done a lot of work on Bonhoeffer so I was curious about this. Sounds like you have good reason to be proud!
  2. This thread has me rereading LOTR again for the umpteenth time. So that makes for a successful thread. I'm curious though, Thunderchild, about how your nephew got from CS Lewis (I'm assuming you mean the Narnia books) to Dietrich Bonhoeffer. That seems quite a jump!
  3. dr faustus


    Very sad news - unfortunately, it's the way of things. The older we get, the more folk we are going to lose.
  4. There is an interesting article about this on the BBC's website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-28129274. The art critic basically argues that you should keep it if you like it. But, according to the art critic, they are atrocious paintings that only sold for such sums because of his celebrity status. I'd say (not the article) that if the value of the painting and the reason for holding on to it is because of his celebrity status then they should be gotten rid of, as it's just that status that has been tainted by the guilty verdict. But, I suspect everyone's feelings on that score are different. The responses from the people who own something of his seem to be consistent in that they feel "uncomfortable" or "weird" displaying his work.
  5. Egads - what a task. Not even sure what "favourite" means, but these are the guitarists that I love listening to and that influence my playing: John Lee Hooker, Joe Pass, Emily Remler, Jimi Hendrix, Richard Thompson, Jimmy Page, Paul Foad, Lightnin' Hopkins.... The list goes on. But that's a pretty good mix.
  6. My eldest son made a great card for me, my youngest got me some fudge. And they both chipped in to get me a vinyl copy of Beggar's Banquet. Love my boys! My dad is in the States, so I couldn't see him. Haven't seen him or my family for a few years now - but we do keep in touch. I rang my dad and had a chat. Was good.
  7. Hope you are feeling better - and don't worry about going to A & E if you need to. I know there is a big campaign about only going there if it is really necessary, but it is better to go and not need it than to need it and not go. Sending you very good vibes.
  8. That is one beautiful instrument. I think I'm going to have to step up my saving activity! Thanks for posting the pic. Please post more - especially of the headstock.
  9. Good thought, thanks - I'll take a look tonight. I use a very good guitar tech, so I'm sure he'll be able to sort this out.
  10. Got my Sherry a couple of months ago and love the sound - for me, the pickups are fine on. I might swap out the nut though. There's a bit of a buzz on the lower strings and I've heard swapping out the nut can help.
  11. No doubt - I've had my Sheri for 3 months and it's still my go to guitar. They are great instruments - look great, play great and sound great. The grain is gorgeous on yours - beautiful instrument you have!
  12. Great post - and I agree about Beethoven, Contemporary reports of his playing say that they were "exquisite" and "tempestuous". Would have been something to see... and hear!
  13. Hmmmm - I don't buy into the "just old guitar" theory. Guitars have a history and a certain feel to them Sometimes old guitars have a sound - whether it's from how the wood aged or who has played it or whatever, that new guitars lack. That being said, I don't think anyone can answer this question but you. If you were thinking about the guitar as an investment - which guitar will be more valuable in the future, then advice could be given. You want to play your guitar - so try both, and whichever one sounds better to you and feels better, is the one you should get. Your son will, I'm sure, be happy to have a guitar that you played and loved, so I wouldn't worry which would be better for him. Find the one that you love, buy it, play it, love it. And your son will be honored to have it.
  14. Jimi would be my first choice on the line up, with Beethoven a very close second. But Lou Reed would be my first choice - with or without the original line-up of the Velvet Underground.
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