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  1. Hey Rod,

    Still waiting to hear from Gibson. The owner of the pawn shop is out of town and the other people there won't let me take the truss rod cover off. Which Gibson needs pictures of. So no major updates yet. Although I keep thinking about just biting the bullet for better or worse.


  2. Hey John, whats the latest??


  3. I wish I were the pawn shop and not the person thinking about buying it, that would make this so much easier. I haven't told any of this to them yet, they are firm that it is a real Gibson, but have done no legwork to say one way or the other. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not fixing to spend 800 dollars on an expensive wooden paper weight. I have played a few Gibsons. Own a few electric gibsons, but have not owned and played enough acoustic Gibsons to be anywhere near an expert. I know most of the models and that's about it. However it does sound and play like a quality instrument.
  4. This is the back of the headstock. I posted in the most relevant threads to get better answers. Once again any help would be great. I appreciate every bit of help so far JimR56 and everyone else.
  5. It's at a random small pawn shop that deals mostly in guns. They have a few other upper end guitars, and I'm trying to buy all of their higher end stuff that has been there for a while. Everything else is real and verifiable. Some are slightly rare including a formula 1l gibson and some older arch tops. A couple les Paul's and a few fenders. I just don't know about this one.
  6. That's the price tag from the place that has it. Sorry I thought you were asking about on the headstock
  7. That's the problem, as many things say it's a fake there are things that says it might be real.
  8. Thank you for all the help. I really don't want to buy a fibson.
  9. Just looking at. There are two labels inside. I have sent pictures and an email directly to gibson customer service. Haven't gotten anything back though. The more research I do the more I'm thinking it may be fake. I just want to know for sure.
  10. Could you help me tell if this is a fake or mot, supposed to be a custom j30
  11. Me too. The headstock is what is throwing me off the most.
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