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  1. All I could think in my head when he was wondering if the top was supposed to be arched was "King of the Flat Tops"!
  2. At least I don't use it to polish my guitars.
  3. I'd be fine with that because I actually know better. People live such sheltered lives these days. Anyone with half a brain could do the research and figure it out for themselves. And with the internet at our disposal, if you were the person who actually did add sugar to your gas tank (or used OFF! insect repellent as a guitar polish) you deserve the results. I never take anyone's word on an Internet forum as gospel. If someone offers advice I'll usually look into it deeper and take time to actually fact check/validate it. If you're the type who just takes random advice as legitimate fact then I feel sorry for you (and I'm pretty sure you're not that gullible).
  4. If you're that gullible and actually use bug spray to polish your guitar, you deserve the results. Harsh, but c'mon people. Nobody has a sense of humor these days. Stop taking yourselves so seriously, people.
  5. Super lame and I\Im disappointed. Are we also going to start cutting the crusts off everyone's PB&J's and start creating safe spaces for Gibson owners who don't have common sense?!
  6. I think we're onto something here... I'm going to start marketing these as a fretboard conditioner and polish in a twin pack:
  7. This works really well for getting rid of that finish (haze):
  8. I don't think it has anything to do with the finish not curing. The arm haze thing happens on ALL of my acoustics, new, old, Gibson and yes, it also happens on Martins, it's just harder to see due to the natural finish. Also happens on Fender electrics, Gibson electrics, etc. It's just something that happens.
  9. My thoughts would be this...stop thinking and just play the guitar.
  10. Whatever you decide to use (I'll leave my own personal preference or recommendation out of the discussion to avoid derailment of the thread), use is SPARINGLY. Whatever amount you think you need, use less, wipe it on, let it dry then do a really good job of wiping off the excess. Too much product will end up collecting gunk and do more harm than good in the long run.
  11. That Country Western looks and sounds great. I tried going down to just one Gibson and one Martin. I still pined for, and regretted selling some the guitars I sold (and I had quite a few), and during their absence I bought and sold others, then was lucky enough to buy back two of the guitars I parted with, both from two totally different buyers. Save yourself some agony and do what I ended up doing...two Martins and two Gibsons, one rosewood and one mahogany from each. Since I did that I have pretty much had no want, need, or desire for any more guitars, and it's been that way for a while now.
  12. That's too bad. You really should just play the living $h!t out of that guitar and worry less about scratching/denting/dinging it. It's meant to be played! I know if it was mine I'd keep it out on a stand and just play it. I keep my Ren-Era AJ, J45, D-18 and D-35 out on stands. Dings and dents happen. I didn't buy the guitars to admire or keep in the case, I bought them to play, but with that said I'm not criticizing you. More like trying to encouraging you to keep it and play the snot out of it! But if I had a guitar that I didn't feel comfortable playing or was super valuable and I was worried about damaging it, taking it out of the house, etc., I'd sell it in a heartbeat.
  13. As already mentioned, the 15 Series are USA made in Nazareth. They’re also exceptional guitars and sound amazing. I’ve owned several 15 Series Martins including a couple 000-15m, a custom 00-15m and played my fair share of 000-15sm and D-15m models. Seriously great sounding guitars, and I hesitate saying, “great guitars for the money”, because they’re just great guitars regardless of the price. Only reason I don’t own them anymore is because I just prefer dreads, and own 2 Martin dreads (D-35, D-18) and 2 Gibson’s (J45, AJ), and not in the Market for any more guitars. If I was in the market for another guitar though, it would be a 000-15m. They’re that good.
  14. I know you’re considering a D-15, but I’d also recommend the 000-15M. Personally I think it’s the gem of the all-mahogany Martin 15 series. I know the 000-15SM also gets a lot of love, but a really nice 000-15M is a magical guitar, regardless of its relatively low cost. Personally I think the Martin 15 Series crush the Guild GAD all-mahogany models. I’ve also owned and played s few of the all- mahogany J45’s and prefer the 000-15M and a spruce-topped J45.
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