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  1. I've used that little tuner in your picture. I'd think it's more prone to leaving a mark compared to a TC Polytune, and even a Snark. With the tuner you have you have to squeeze/clamp that thing on, and you could clamp it on rather snug if you're so inclined, making it more prone to mark up your headstock. I've left Snarks and TC Polytunes on new Gibsons and relatively new Martins for days if not longer, and still have never had either one of them leave a mark. I have a black TC Polytene clamped onto my J45TV as I type this and it's been on there since yesterday, and I'm too lazy to get up and take it off.
  2. I've had Lyrics in three guitars so far; J45 Standard, D28 Standard and a 000-15M. I experimented with different placements of the mic in each guitar for the best sound, and could get all three guitars to sound great with the Lyric, but only after quite a bit of EQ with every single one, and like I'm experiencing with the K&K, it sounds just ok with no EQ, but can be made to sound incredible with just a little tweaking of the EQ< especially pulling out some mids and just a touch of lows. The Lyrics in every guitar required a lot of more EQ though, and they all were pretty quick to feedback.
  3. I f you do order this stuff be very careful cutting it. StewMac recommends warming it up then cutting it with scissors, but very low heat really doesn't make it any more pliable, but with a touch more heat it will EASILY warp. I found that just cutting it large around your tracing keeps it from accidentally cracking far enough in to where your pickguard is, then sanding away the excess. It takes sanding really well. I just used a cordless dremel make to trim dog claws on the high setting, then evened everything out with sandpaper and then sanded in a bevel.
  4. I'd totally make one for you just to get th practice. Send me the materials!
  5. This was my first attempt at making my own pickguard. Was disappointed with a replacement guard I got from Terrapin (color was way off, fit was just ok but overall the pickguard was a bit smaller than the original), and couldn't find anything else that looked original form any other after market maker, and gave up on Gibson after contacting them a few times asking if/how I could obtain a replacement guard. I think it came out pretty good. It's not perfect, but it's acceptable. I learned a lot making this one, and I'm even half-tempted to make another to improve on this one just for fun. Here's a few shots of the material The first pic is a stock pic from StewMac, the second is my picture of the actual sheet used: Before: Here's the final product:
  6. I don't have to "EQ the hell" out of my J45TV with a K&K in it, but it does need some of the mids cut to make it sound its best, as did the other acoustic I tried that had a K&K in it before taking the plunge and having on installed in the J45. Basically both required the same mid-range cut. I've also experienced this with other pickups in other guitars like the LR Baggs Lyric, but that needs even more EQ. Guess that answers my question though. I'm not looking to spend that much on a box that reproduces EXACTLY what the K&K produces without any EQ. I'll save some cash as well and go with the $99 K&K Pure Preamp. I can just show up to an open mic with a bit of mids cut with the K&K Ppure, and still just take their 1/4" cable and plug in and go. It's just for open mics. For any other situation I have a Radial PZ Pre that works amazingly well with the K&K and sounds incredible.
  7. Everyone absolutely raves about these Red Eye preamps and say they really are a match made in heaven with a K&K. I've also been looking for a quick, super simple and easy solution for open mics, which is what brought me to considering the Red Eye, but there's no EQ with the Red Eye. I have a Radial PZ Pre, but know that I probably wont be able to tote that to every open mic, and/or wont have the ability to spend the time to dial in/EQ a nice sound because you're basically given your spot to play, you go up there, you plug in, and you start playing. So how do the Red Eye work in this type of situation? I was thinking about just getting the small, belt clip K&K Pure preamp because it has EQ. I can just set it up beforehand and just pull out some of the mids, which seem to be what most K&K's need, then go up there, plug in and get to playing.
  8. Given it's worked out so well with the J45TV, I'm seriously considering putting on in my AJ and Waterloo WL-14.
  9. I just take my Gibsons when I go car camping. My philosophy is they are there to be played, so I might as well play them anywhere within reason, but I also don't baby my guitars. With that said, if I was looking for a "beater" to take with me camping, etc. and wanted to leave the Gibsons at home, I'd pickup on of the Yamaha FG800. Incredible value and they sound REALLY, REALLY good. Can't beat the for under $200.
  10. I think what I was trying to say is an un-EQ'd K&K, that also has an impedance mismatch between the pickup and the preamp/DI or amp, board, etc. still had that sort of muted, slightly quacky frequency range accentuated and sounds so lifeless and uninspiring, like a UST. All I really needed to do with the K&K, as you mentioned, was cut some of the high mids and the pickup comes to life and sounds so much more natural. And yes, it picks up a surprisingly large amount of percussive body sounds (not that I play that kind of stuff, more like old country standards and more modern Americana type stuff) but the K&K does it in a smoother, more pleasing to the ear way compared the way the LR Baggs M80 picks up body sounds.
  11. That little amp is surprisingly loud and sounds REALLY good for what it is. I previously had a pre-Fender SWR California Blonde, the same amp used by Lindsey Buckingham and Jackson Browne, and although it was a great sounding amp, it was WAY overkill for my uses. I don't play any gigs, and since it's just open mics I don't even need an amp, but scored a pair of Loudbox Minis for $240 ($120 each!) from a guy, and sold one to my buddy. Great little grab and go amp if you're playing with friends, or an impromptu little open mic/showcase at someone's house (which friends of mine will organize once in a while) where there isn't a PA. Also MUCH lighter and easier to carry around compared to the California Blonde!
  12. I've been experimenting and agonizing over which pickup to put into my guitars. I've had a few J45 Standards that had the stock LR Baggs Element and really never liked the UST type pickups. Experimented with a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI and TC Bodyrez pedal with minimal improvement. Popped a few LR Baggs Lyrics in a few guitars (D28, 000-15M, J45 Standard) and although this mic sounded good, it just seemed to require a lot of time tweaking to get the EQ right, pretty darn prone to feedback, making it less than ideal for open mics. The added bonus of the Lyric is it's awesome for recording when you don't want to mess around with a mic, but still want a great sound for quick demos, etc. Also tried an LR Baggs M1 and M80 on an old Yamaha FG441 and J45 Standard and was too metallic sounding, and kind of dulls some of the dynamics and touch sensitivity the Lyric would capture. I've always been on the fence about the K&K's because I was hesitant to permanently glue something to the bridge plate, combined with mixed impressions after listening to clips where some examples sounded ok to good, while others sounded no better than a lot of UST's. I brought this up to the new luthier I started using to work on a few of my guitars. He did some warranty work on a Martin, and because he did such a great job on that guitar, I brought in a few more to have him work on them, including a PLEK and set up on my AJ and a set up on my J45TV. I asked him what pickup he recommended for the type of stuff I play and looking to do some open mics since I don't really play in a band anymore. He recommended the K&K. We discussed the Trance Amulet, but although he agreed they sound good, he also said they needlessly have "way too much going on, are very expensive and add quite a bit of weight to the guitar". He lent me his old 1970's Sigma that has a K&K installed. I took it home and plugged it in through my preamp/DI (Radial PZ Pre) and a little Loudbox Mini. Was surprised how good it sounded. It did require q bit of EQ to fine tune it, but was super easy to dial in with the PZ Pre. Called him and told him to put the K&K into the J45TV. Got the same result once I got the guitar back, great sound, and pretty much required the same type of EQ I used n his Sigma to get a very natural sound. If the K&K isn't EQ'd properly it can almost replicate a UST. It was much easier to EQ than the LR Baggs Lyric, and although not as natural sounding, it's darn good, super dynamic and touch sensitive, and seems to be the best compromise I could find for my uses.
  13. I already threw it out. Did want to deal with the hassle of removing all the adhesive off the back of it, fiddling with it, and you can see once it's off the guitar that it's a pretty pixilated image.
  14. That material looks great on yours. Where did you get it?
  15. It could, but given that stock guard has been on there for 7 years it's left a noticeable ring from where the pickguard was, despite trying to polish it out.
  16. Picked up a 2010 J45TV a little while back. Awesome guitar, love the way it sounds, but the way they covered the rosette with the pickguard from he factory always bugged me. Ordered one from Terrapin and would not recommend using them. Their customer service was awful. After about 5 weeks never received the item, never heard back from them after a polite email then a voicemail, so I contacted them through PayPal, and magically a couple days letter got a message telling me the pickguard shipped. When it arrived I was not too stoked with the color of the tortoise pattern, but going by what I read from others, and the fact that the pickguard arrived with a yellow paper backing, I decided to install it anyway. The fit was ok, not perfect, but better than the stock pickguard, but looked awful. Way too many clear sections on the pickguard, and it basically ended up looking like a Martin pickguard on a Gibson, so I removed it. For what I paid, the horrible customer service, and poor match, I'd stay away from these guys. Instead I just ordered some pickguard material and adhesive sheet from StewMac. I went with the "red swirl" pattern. I have a brand new "flubber" pickguard for a new J45 standard here at home (had a 2017 Standard for a hot minute and the pickguard was peeling off so Gibson sent me a brand new one), so I'll use that as a template. (I'd use the "flubber" guard, but it's basically a thick, dampening piece or rubber!). Attached is a pic of the material.
  17. this video pretty much sums up my J45 experience with these two guitars, but I ended up with an older True Vintage. The Vintage I ordered from Chicago Music Exchange was a mess...nearly frozen truss rod, horribly cut not and probably the worst set up I've ever seen (and that says a lot for a Gibson, since they usually have pretty bad factory set ups, so it went back. Would have got another but came across a 2010 TV that just did it for me, and was a LOT less than what a J45V costs even with a good discount. The problem I hear with all the standards I've owned (and I've owned three over the last few years) is there's just something funky going on, like there's a separation between the lows, mids and highs. Some standards have nice lows, but there's just a gap between the mids and highs for me, and the highs always have this strong "clang" thats unpleasant to my ear, while the V and TV are a much smoother, easier on the ears sound, where it obviously has that Gibson growl and midrange bump, but just sounds more even and broken in across the board. I always thought the J45 Standards were just lacking something and something was holding them back sound wise.
  18. So you plug your acoustic guitar into a pedal tuner every time to tune it?! How's this work when your at a jam, or go to a bussed house to play or around a campfire when you're camping?!
  19. I have been using Snark tenders for YEARS and TC Polytene clip tenders for a year or two now, and never have any issues with them marring the headstock on any guitar, be it a vintage nitro or poly finish, or the current "nitro" finish on Martins and Gibsons. I've accidentally left these tenders on my guitars over night and sometimes for days with no issues. You're overthinking this and worrying too much. The guitar is a tool, just like a hammer. If you don't want it to get marks from use, wear and tear just keep it in it's case and never use it, and it will stay in pristine condition.
  20. X bracing. Much sweeter, and pleasing sound to my ear. Seems that most go for the ladder braced, but I just was not into the few ladder braced WLs I played. X-braced all day and get the same if I had to do it again.
  21. My J45TV is my main guitar I use when singing solo. Advanced Jumbo when I play in a duo or go to a jam. Waterloo WL-14 is there when I want a different flavor. Recently sold a Martin HD28 and a Martin 000-15M.
  22. I'd say a D28 or HD28 instead of a D18. Nothing against the D18 at all, but with the D28 or HD28 you have rosewood, so more of a tonal difference instead of having two mahogany back and sides guitars. y three acoustics at the moment are a J45TV, AJ and a Waterloo WL14. I can cover a ton of ground with those three. Sold my two Martins last month which were an HD28 and a 000-15M.
  23. My tastes are all over the place. I'm a big fan of stuff like Wilco, Son Volt, The Jayhawks, etc but can't stand stuff like Mumford & Sons and all that other cheesy, "trying to hard to be folky" folk stuff if that makes sense. Then I also listen to a lot of old post punk stuff usually when I'm at the gym like Refused, Quicksand, Vanishing Life, etc. Someone on here, possibly yourself, turned me on to Dylan LeBlanc recently and he's been in heavy rotation. Also been listening to a lot of The Flying Burrito Brothers early stuff lately. I started playing " Sin City" from them and love their version of "Wild Horses".
  24. That, plus the longer scale length and different bracing. To the OP, seems like you're getting some similar advice as what I gave you before! AJ's are killer guitars, the sound great, are a great addition to a J45/J50, and wouldn't lose sleep over Adi vs. Sitka. If you find one, play it and like it, who cares what type of spruce the top is?! Id rather play a sweet sounding Sitka-topped AJ than a crappy sounding Adi-topped AJ, and vice versa. Don't get hung up one thinking one type of wood is better or mandatory over another. Let your ears decide, and don't get caught up in internet weirdos who tell you otherwise. Remember, before the internet most people probably wouldn't even be able to discern between the two, now everyone is an "expert". Listen and decide!
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