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  1. Can you tell us a little about how the Sunrise compares/contrasts to an M80? I actually have one of the the super old M1's (passive) and can get it to sound pretty decent, and kind of prefer it over the M80 in some cases, although I'm not a big fan of magnetic soundhole pickups to begin with. Two of my favorite singer/songwriters Jeff Tweedy and Gregory Alan Isakov (I'm seeing both this weekend, btw, Tweedy tomorrow and Isakov on Saturday!) use Sunrise pickups. I think Tweedy uses it as part of a dual source and I think Isakov uses it by itself.
  2. I'm fine with Rotomatics on the D35 given it's always had Rotomatics since the model was introduced in the 60's. They dont bug me nearly as much as they do on a Gibson.
  3. None at all. They obviously feel different, and the Rotomatics are a little easier to dial in, but they also have a much bigger button. I have nothing against Rotomatics. I have them on a '75 D28 and a new D35. They just dont look right on a J45.
  4. I believe the shop that my J45 is at right now has a few sets of these. I swore I noticed them in the case when I dropped the guitar off to get the K&K installed. Hoping it's ready any day now. @EpiSheriMan, I could pick you up a set and mail them to you if you're in the USA. And a little off-topic, but if anyone is looking for a good 3-on-a-plate set, the Klusons are really nice. The buttons aren't stark white, more of an off/aged white, which look fantastic on a J45, and they dropped right in with come conversion bushings.
  5. String height (action) is player dependent. What one person prefers/likes may be different for the next guy. And stating that a particular guitar prefers higher action, etc., is not limited to the J200's! Every guitar will sound worse the lower you go with the action. You lose low end, sustain, etc. the lower you go. This is the compromise we all face with acoustic instruments.
  6. Interesting. I fit an M80 into a Martin 000-15M, which I am guessing has the size sound hole as your Martin OM. With that said though, like you mentioned I wouldn't call it an "easy fit. I pretty much had to remove the clamps to get the pickup in there though and then attach them, but on my other guitars (J45, D35, D28) I just have to loosen the clamps and slide the pickup right in.
  7. I've bought several brand new J45's and have never seen this. All of them have had a saddle where the edge is rounded and matches the curve in the slot in the bridge.
  8. I set my own guitars up most of the time with average action that tends to lean on the slightly higher side because I can have a heavy right hand. It wasn't the set up. I set them up the same. The one was seriously a dud. Gorgeous to look at, but really did not sound good at all. And given I had two of them and one sounded spectacular, I am even more convinced the other was was junk. I also prefer 13's on all my larger guitars except for my J45 that actually sounds better with 12's. The J200 that was magical sounded good with both 12's and 13's.
  9. This is a bit reassuring, because I've owned two J200's, both from the early 2010's, and one sounded glorious while the other seriously sounded thin and way to bright with no low end at all.
  10. Damn, that isa gorgeous guitar at a great price. Tempted, but want to go on a nice vacation next month, otherwise I'd be considering this guitar!
  11. These are what I used. I got them off Amazon. So far they are great. They turn smooth, and I really like how the buttons aren't a stark, blinding white like other 3-on-a-plate tuners are. They're a more of a cream color and blend with the rest of the guitar better.
  12. Different buttons, in my opinion would be like putting pearls on a pig. Sure, the buttons would look "better", but you'd still have those big, gaudy tuners with hose giant washers that just dont look right on a J45. I'm fine with them on my D35, but just can't get into them on a J45.
  13. Well, I have two flubber/flubber J45 guards that I removed the glue from, and they are clearly pixilated. Not saying it doesn't look good when on the guitar, but if it's the same material used on the J45 Standards, it is in fact a bit blurry/pixilated, but you'll most likely only be able to notice it when the pickguard is off the guitar, so it's pretty much a moot point.
  14. The thick, rubberized pickguards are pixilated, at least they are as well on the J45's. I've had two from Gibson that would not stay stuck down do I'm just putting a more traditional guard on mine that's used in the Vintage models.
  15. Yep, meant saddle. Was typing while multi-tasking, sorry! Regardless of whether or not it "matters" as far as sound, if that was done by a professional, It would make me wonder about having them perform other things that did actually require a little more attention to detail, and if I'd trust them with a more serious undertaking. The way I see it, if you're a tech/repair person the guitars you work on are advertising your services, for better or worse, and that saddle looks like a bit of a hack job, even if it is just cosmetic. It's like taking your car to a mechanic to have them perform a super simple, routine oil change, but they spill oil all over the engine block, over tighten the oil filter, etc. If they cant perform a simple task correctly why would you ever trust them to rebuild your engine, replace a timing belt, etc.? You'd most likely go elsewhere. Having a shop perform a basic set-up is a great way to gauge how much attention to detail a shop put into their work. So many shops just tweak a truss rod and adjust the action and call it a day. Other shops for the same price will do that plus address the nut slots, give the guitar a quick wipe down and even polish your frets as part of a basic set up. I'd be more inclined to be a repeat customer at the shop that puts in just a little more time and effort and pays attention to what you may consider as insignificant details.
  16. HD-28's always sounded very unbalanced to my ear with a bass low end, but super thin, weak, unbalanced highs. I tried to like an HD-28 I had for a while but couldn't get along with it. I do have one of the new D-35's that I prefer MUCH better offer an HD-35, and also have an older D-28 that is very nice. OP, what's the action at the 12th fret on the new SJ? It looks a little high in that new photo, but it could be the angle. The saddle also looks like it's a tad short width wise if you look at the bass side, and appears that whoever setup the guitar rounded off the end weird. Almost looks pointed or sanded at an angle instead of rounded to match the bridge slot.
  17. But you did buy a brand new guitar with a bellied top and max'd out truss rod. Just sayin... :(
  18. Which Infinity pickup are you referring to? Looks like there are several incarnations of the "Infinity" pickups.
  19. I have no problem pulling one down and playing it. Even if it sounds amazing they're too darn expensive for me to justify buying.
  20. Personally, I would think if all I had was a carbon fiber acoustic to play for the last few months, I really wouldn't need any inspiration to pick up a "real" (your choice of words, not mine) guitar.
  21. Got a reply from K&K this morning: "We have used both. You can tell by looking at the end surface of the strapnut: if it is flat it is standard, if convex (curved) it is metric."
  22. That's not what I'm referring to. I'm looking to buy a piece that replaces the cover on the end of the end pin that StewMac sells that acts like a strap keeper/retainer, just need to know if it's metric or standard threads. Thanks though!
  23. Send an email to K&K but didnt get a reply. Want to order an "Acoustic Strap Secure" from StewMac, but not sure if the K&K threads are metric or standard. Thanks! https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Endpins_and_Bridge_Pins/Acoustic_Strap_Secure.html
  24. Nah. I just cant stand UST's, period. And couple that with a mic, and if you're In a situation where you cant use the mic, you're stuck with the crappy UST, then you have to incorporate modeling preamps, etc. Screw that. I think the K&K and magnetic sound hole mic or K&K and an internal mic are much more versatile and sound better. Plus, I am a firm believer that the sound of the guitar does infect improve when you remove the UST, and a lot of UST's dont work as well/sound as well with a bone saddle and work better with a Tusq saddle, but unplugged, I much prefer the sound of bone over Tusq.
  25. It's a guitar. If you actually play it or let someone else play it, dings, dents, bumps and bruises are inevitable. Just play it more and worry less about dents and dings. I'm not saying you should mistreat your instrument, quite the contrary. But if you bought it to actually play it, dents, dings and scratches are par for the course.
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