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  1. Hi Poltergoose, yesterday I wrote to Gibson customer service but I haven't had a reply yet. It is easy to open the unit and change the volume master, mic and headphone knobs. But change the cue button i'm not sure. I think you have to open the internal board. I hope the customer service reply me soon, if they do I'll write here ok.
  2. The first I did was clear the part with a cleaner but it doesn't worked. I'll email to the Customer Service to see if they can help me with a new part.
  3. Could any admin send this pictures or ask to the engineering guys? I need to fix this asap please.
  4. Hi, the headphones volume control of my unit it is not working good. From 0 volume, when I touch it a little it goes to maximum volume and it sounds with noise everytime I touch it. So my question is, what model of knob the unit uses? I want to try to change it for a new one. Sorry for my English and thanks in advance.
  5. There is a a quick way to get out of Time Rift mode instead going to System menu?
  6. Oh my fault! I should check it before :P sorry.
  7. I tried to download the new version of Quickgrid, but the link of the program on the mainpage appears to be the same of the SC-IX V5. Someone knows other page where can I download it?
  8. Thanks for the explain. I'll test it.
  9. Hello all. I would like to know how works exactly the new “Time Rift” mode. Hi have turned it on but I don't appreciate any differences.
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