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  1. I had a post in the other models section but I thought this maybe deserved a little lounge attention. This guitar has gone through a couple modifications since I bought it last year. Originally I wasn't very happy with the neck dive (almost played like a bass) and the guitar was going out of tune just by looking at it. I really liked the new model and weight so I took a chance on moving a couple things. Here is a picture of it originally. I moved the strap button to balance it and it worked great. Then After months of debate I decided to get rid of the vibrola which I attributed to the guitar going out of tune and ordered up a black Bigsby. There is a small hole where the vibrato was screwed in that I will consider filling later. After player her for a couple hours last night I have to say that I am extremely happy with how it turned out.
  2. Levism

    Gibson N-225

    Congrats on the 225!! I asked Gibson about the production numbers and they said it was a few thousand. Rick actually trained someone to do them , at least that's what I have read. I had to make a few mods to mine in order to keep it strapped to me as much as my others. The strap button moved like an SG was a must for me. I have mine in the shop right now. I'm fitting a black bigsby on her. I found that it was going out of tune way to easily. Cheers and hope you enjoy her !!!
  3. Thanks Drog, Yes I sent them the pictures you saw and a few more as well as explained the entire situation. I'll repost the 2007 when it arrives and yes please follow up on what you find.
  4. The dealership I have always dealt with is the largest in canada. They are truly amazing. There are 5 2013's in the main warehouse. That's where the two B stock came from. Now Gibson has got back to me. The first time telling me to contact the master distributed in Canada. For those of you who do not know once a Gibson crosses the Canadian border it is no longer covered by Gibsons lifetime warranty. So I responded with " not a warranty issue , I would like to know all the why's and also what challenges the silverburst may cause the workmanship. Here's what I was told. Hi Matt, In a nutshell the custom shop product specialist replied that the binding has to be scraped after the finish is applied, metallic finish is very thick and it will leave a ledge when the binding is scraped. Hmmmm, So what's changed ? Now truth be told I've never held a custom silverburst besides the four mentioned, So maybe that's the territory you come to expect ? Well enough of this. I'm bringing this 2014 back to the dealership and getting my hard earned dollars back. I've reached out to every owner / seller of this model the past three days and asked them to look over it. Nothing. Not a clue what I'm speaking of. So I made a pretty good deal with a respectable seller who has a 2007 custom silverburst with an ebony board. I'll save $1300 bucks and buy a new amp. This has put a bit of a chip on my shoulder with Gibson. Some argue that a custom is inflated as is and with the richlite negativity I can only imagine sales are down. I am disappointed with what they are using as an excuse to justify craftsmanship. But hey maybe I'm wrong and they are all like this. Well, I'll find out in two weeks when I hopefully get the guitar I've always wanted and with an ebony board no less!!!!
  5. Lol CB. EE the dealer is Long and Mcquade. The biggest dealer for Canada.
  6. Full price until the dealer could prove it was B stock.
  7. The first 2013 I received at the dealer was three times worse than the pictures. I could fit a dime in the gap ! It was a travesty. They also were charging full price. It's now at that dealership selling for 5% off. The second was almost the same but at the 9 th fret. I quickly pointed out that it must be a B stock guitar and I didn't want it. The dealer confirmed that it was indeed a B stock and they had several more in stock. I tried to obviously not get another but they sent it anyway. As I mentioned the third and fourth came from Memphis (supposedly) after I was adamant that it does. Eeach one had a very suspect area that was a little different than the other. In the one I'm currently holding the cutaway had the most area affected. With the third guitar it was the third fret that had the worst and the first two ... Well theyre not even worth going on about.
  8. After speaking with gibson customer service I've been directed to emailing service. Makes sense, just going to follow each step I need. After writing this and listening to your comments I do feel much more confident in wanting the quality myself and others would expect from the custom shop. Part of me wants to keep the guitar due to the sound and feel of it (and the weight !!) and part of me feels like I'll regret this down the road. I've read some quality concerns on several threads before and I am certainly not wanting to add to the fire but rather share the experience with you and hear some thoughts. I do appreciate all of them gents !!! quapman I believe you are from Canada? We see hundreds of Gibsons in Long and Mcquade and tons of customs. The climate can certainly affect some woods but never have I seen this. And again, why on 4 different silver bursts only !?
  9. This is the best I think I can do as far as showing the depth of the uneven binding on the neck. I'm holding a nickel against the neck in the first. The next is on the binding. So you can sort of see it is small but have never seen this on anything else This is something I found once I got it home. The paint seems to be scrapped as well. Seems a bit rushed no ? And why not
  10. Ok guys. First thing is the binding gap at the cutaway. It's difficult to get what I am trying to show you but this is one of the spots that stands out the most.
  11. I agree with you to CB. Once I speak to gibson I hope to understand this silverburst more. Bottom line is I am willing to pay full price for a new flawless custom.
  12. Thanks pip, The gap I speak of almost feels like the fretboard has shrunk on the neck and does not feel flush as all others I've felt resulting in a gap. This makes no sense because the fingerboard is richlite which is somewhat impervious to shrinkage. Furthermore the binding around the entire body has a ridge where it meets the body. Almost like a little indent the entire binding most likely from the scrapping process. At the peak of the single cutaway this "gap" is more significant than the rest , where I could see It catching dust and and oils and possibly building up where you would need a toothpick to clean it. No the fingerboard is width is great. It's the binding that's not flat and It's the bottom side edge. I am not completely sure that a luthier could sand this down and refinish it. I could assume one could but I'm not sure the finish could be restored correctly. Appreciate the response and will most certainly post more findings. Matt
  13. First thank you for taking some time to read this. I'm really in some disbelief that a Les paul custom could have the same problem four different times...... First to help explain my situation here is a quick read on some of the problems I've had while trying to obtain my first custom Silverburst. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1173213 it's the same as the BIG Issue. So I'll make this as short as I can. A while back I found a red widow custom les paul that Was absolutely beautiful. After playing it a few times I got to like the richlite enough that just had to have. Took pics, put a deposit and started to work towards it. Visit after visit I started having doubts because I wanted a silverburst forever and now that richlite was my friend I decided to order one new and live out one of my adult dreams. Rather than slowly pay this one off I came up with a nasty plan to trade. I posted my SG deluxe and was contacted by a guy who had a 2008 LP custom in red wine that was too heavy and needed something lighter. The custom checked out. It was a tank with and ebony board. I really liked this thing right off the bat and the trade was on. Here's where it gets messy. I traded the custom two weeks later to my brother for two SG's and two Taylor's. Then I took those to the dealer along with my other LP. So five guitars paid for this custom silverburst that I did not even play yet......this was a first for me , however I am buying a gibson les paul custom. That was enough that I was weary but ready to pull the trigger. After a month a 2013 showed up, I played it and inspected while sort of "in the moment" and took it home. Soon after getting home I discovered some very serious features that were not acceptable. The binding had a serious gap along the neck on both sides. At the twelfth fret is was big enough that you could feel an actual edge. Now I mean baaaad. The binding around the entire guitar also had a definitive ridge as well. So took it back to the dealer who immediately said "whoa!, we have to get you a new one". Thought this was problem solved after I again specified 2014 please. So , two weeks later another 2013 silverburst custom (yep 2013) comes. Different serial number and SAME Problem! not as bad as the first but still flawed. Other flaws were at the neck where it is set (glue 1/8 ") chip where pick guard screw entered the body. So we figured it out that a different sku's had to be ordered straight from the USA. (Oh yes I'm Canadian) and it will def be a 2014 this time. So another three weeks and I get the call (this was last Friday ) "Matt I have great news your silverburst(s) are here ... So they for whatever reason sent two 2014's. I run out of the house and get there to open both box's and then cases and then ... No?! For the love of all thing silvery and bursty it had the same problems with the binding as the '13s. I pulled three 2013 customs off the wall, two of which are perfect (binding) and one had the slightest ridge at the 12 th fret. It was heartbreaking. One of the silverburst was the better of the four the ridge was there but no where near as bad as the other three. I played it. Thought about it. And they offered me a 200 dollar discount. I said you know what , I'm taking it home going to put it through its paces. I have 30 days to decide if I am going to keep it or not. The dealer was very sympathetic and offered me a full refund if I choose. I've never felt an issue with binding before, on any guitar. On this one I don't feel it when I play, yet. It sounds absolutely amazing and weighs a ton as well( I like a heavy LP) sustain is fantastic and I certainly am growing to it. So now what ? Well first if you've actually read all this I appreciate that. I will certainly follow up with some pics though I doubt I can identify any flaws with them. But that's ok right ? Second. Wow. Four of them all with the same issue. I am very aware of the work that goes into these and how the binding is hand scrapped. But why only silverburst? Does it have something to do with the paint as it differs from all others? Has anyone ever experienced this? $4403.00 is a big chunk of cash for arguably one of the best guitars a guy can get his hands on (at least in mY opinion. Is 4500 dollars something you expect to be flawless or at least superior quality ? In any case I'm going to call Gibson tomorrow and see if anyone there can answer the silverburst questions. I'm curious as to what some think about the entire experience. Trading guitars is not what I am in to. I buy my guitars cause I love them and love playing them. Not to sell. But this was one of those bucket list purchases that you are only supposed to do once. Hence the rash decisions.
  14. Funny you should ask. I got a call from the rep in yorkville. They , for whatever reason , couldn't get an answer from gibson for weeks and weeks( Even had to send more pictures. ) but finally the are going to take the guitar back. I will just need to send it back and then go from there. No word on what they intend to do as far as replacing it. I'll update you on the next steps .... Feels like forever.
  15. Personally I hate klusons. Don't and won't own a set. That being said I've seen them go for 900 in canada.
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