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  1. Good morning, This issue is probably not ES-339-specific, but I threw my model out there just in case. Anyway, I've got an odd issue that my limited experience has never come across before: My high E and A string tuning peg nuts/washers never tighten. I took them off to inspect them outside of the headstock, and they work fine. I then installed them without the washer, and the nut tightenes fine. However, with the washer, the nuts just spin and spin. I suppose I could get a thinner washer from a hardware store to see if that resolves the problem -- seems like a logical step. But I was curious if anyone else has ever experienced this issue and had to do something different to get the washers to tighten? Thanks all!
  2. I have a 1966 Limited Edition G-400 Pro and an ES-339 Pro. When both stopbars are at their lowest, my 339's strings are a tad more difficult to bend (both strung with 10-46s). When I change the strings on my ES-339, I lower the stopbar all the way when I remove the old strings. I put the new strings on, slightly tighten them, and then raise both screws on the stopbar a quarter turn each. I then tune to pitch and stretch multiple times and find that my ES-339s strings are as easy to bend as my G400. It's minimal, but I can feel a difference for sure. Just my .02.
  3. Beautiful guitar and a great deal!
  4. I have an Epi G400 Pro, and an ES339 Pro. They have the same humbuckers. To me, I prefer the sound and feel of my G400 over my ES339. Do I still love the ES339? Yup. But just like my children I love them all but have a secret favorite (don't lie parents--you all have a favorite). That being said, the ES339 is a semi-hollow -- a block of wood runs down the center.
  5. That natural finish sure is perty. Welcome!
  6. Very nice! Wine red would have been pretty sweet. I saw a Pelham Blue P90 at Guitar Center, but really wanted the humbuckers. Someday when I grow up, I'll take a chance on those P90s :)
  7. I won an eBay auction for an ES-339 pro with a case from Sweetwater. Both the guitar and case were used, and I saved quite a bit of dough buying used. The condition of the guitar was listed as "light scratches on pickguard and on the back of the guitar", but they are all very fine, normal wear scratches I would expect from a guitar that has been barely used. In fact, the guitar still smells like "new wood"....um, so that's a weird term. Here are the eBay pics: Here are some eBay pictures (may be big, but hosted on Dropbox) And a sound test -- please do not be jealous of my awesome playing and my awesome wardrobe. Epiphone ES-339 Pro test
  8. The websites say: ES-339: Alnico Classic Pro G-400: Alnico Classic PRO™ 4-wire I have the G-400, but was curious if anyone has had a chance to play them both through the same "rig" and if they sounded similar. I'm looking to purchase another guitar, and the ES339 and Casino Coupe are on my short list. I'm hesitant on the Casino Coupe, as I prefer to play with heavy gain/overdrive. Thanks!!
  9. If I had all of the beautiful guitars that you guys have, I wouldn't be able to choose my "go-to". However, Since I only have 3, my "go to" is my G400 Pro. I even lick it....I have issues.
  10. I should have kept track how many of them I find in the washer/dryer afterwards. Practically every wash cycle, I'm sure.
  11. I love hearing the riffs Jimmy Page "allowed himself to be influenced by":
  12. Apparently, other brands do this too?
  13. Isn't that the purpose of the pick guard?
  14. My father-in-law got an Epi LP Standard Pro a couple years ago, and I really enjoyed it. I always wanted an SG style guitar, so I easily pulled the trigger on my Epi. Some minor set up tweaks and it's as perfect as I need it to be.
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