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    Just learning guitar now. I have many friends that are professional musicians but I never had the time. I have now decided to make the time to learn. I just moved here from Chicago area and I purchased my epiphone sheraton II ebony new from guitar center. Along with 2 other guitars and 3 amps. Why so many when I am just learning? A very good question unfortunately I did not ask this of myself before purchasing them all but I like them all.And only the epi was new. Sorry, but I could not afford a Gibson. However I am told this is better than theirs for this model but I don't know the difference as of yet. I am still learning .
  1. I really do know better than to drink 3 pots of coffee! Sorry for the babling. Since I can't seem to get my guitar pics on my profile..scaler not working? I will post a pic here. The AJ has not been picked up yet waiting for the hard case for it.
  2. Hey EPI1 I wish I knew that when I bought my Sheraton II. I bought it at Guitar Center and got none of the things you have described not even an owners manual. I bought it 6 months ago. Now I am in the Philippines and the pickup switch is not working and I know it is because of the cheap self adheasive hooks they have in the body to hold the wires in place. I love the guitar but for the price they should have installed the wires professionally instead of using crappy parts like that. They came un glued and customs pushed it back up and I know that rubbed the wire on that switch. Now I have sen
  3. Hi from Paradise! (it's relative!!) Rookie at guitar. Currently looking for an accoustic. Oh hey! stay in bed it was a great day! I am in your tomorrow! 14 hours out. now if I could get the Powerball numbers! I would have you buy the ticket and we'd split it!

  4. Hi, I'm a newbie but I remember Kraners of old, which is why I am here. I am looking at a new Kramer-Gibson K400 it looks nice in the pics but I live in the Philippines and to buy a new guitar here...at best is a crapshoot! Does anyone know anything about these animals? Are these OM's or Folk guitar size? And do you thik they are worth looking into? Any help you can give will be apprewciated. I attached the body and headstock pics in a word format. It is secure. that is why I did it that way this time. Thanks. I will post a pic of my guitars shortly. Have a great day! ScottKramer K400.doc
  5. My first accoustic and room is limited..so I just want a real good guitar from the beginning. Thanks!
  6. Sorry, it helps if you look at the whole forum before you ask a stupid question! Kramer K400.doc
  7. Kramer K400.docI just knew that was too easy, I'll try it again! K400 (GIBSON BRAND) Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Kramer Model Number: K400 Rosewood fretboard, AAA spruce top, sides and back AAA mahogany, Neck: AAA mahogany, Fingerboard Inlay:ABS, top, side and back center bindings, headstock binding as well, truss rod double adjust,nut and bridge bone. (I hope this is not too much info I'm a rookie at this!)
  8. Ok I think these pics will show up. it's a Kramer with a Gibson plater on the neck adjuster (like the epiphone Les Paul. pics for the body top and headstock are here I have pic of neck and side as well but unless you need them they are just extra space. Thanks for taking the time to look at this I really appreciate it. A Bubinga is out of my budget presently. Scott
  9. Well That Gibson j200 was a re-make by Ibanez not worth the time to look at it! Thanks for the info though it came in handy. Looking for an accoustic and came across a Kramer-Gibson. It is new and from China. I didn't even know Gibson Owned Kramer. Or had anything to do with them. Is this another Epiphone situation? And is this for real? I will try to get the pics for you. Also can you tell me if it is worth buying? Thanks. Scott BTW The Bubinga is beautiful!
  10. Thanks Fred for the info on that j200. Ididn't ask the guy for the serial # because the price seems kind of cheap and I didn't want him to reconsider. But now I have an idea of what to look for. Thanks much. If I buy I will post the pics. Have a great day! Scott
  11. Hi, I am looking at a Gibson J200 to purchase and it is my first accoustic. It is sunburst and used but I do not yet have the serial number it is in very good condition the usual minor stuff from use but no visual damage and sounds good. Can you give me a ball park of how much I should expect to pay for this? I have no other info on it yet but I am going to meet up with the guy and check it out. Is there anything I should be looking for? I appreciate any info you could provide. Unfortunately I know this is as clear as mud. But it is all I have so far. Thanks.
  12. As I have read others..My epiphone sheraton II Ebony serial number I need help deciphering it

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