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  1. ...oh yeah - please fill in !!! Am I right or am I wrong? Would be fun to hear your own experience... /B
  2. Hi. Just wanted to share My experience with Kramer guitars as for today... Played some semi-serious rock/metal in the late 80's. Left everything about music for 20 years due to cars, girls and family - but as you all know - it is always coming back at some point, right? Stumbled on to Kramer Guitars by accident in '12. Suprised? - You bet...! (remember - I've been away). And as an 80's guy, who did not want a Kramer back then? (well - maybe someone - but come on). I certainly could not afford one at this time. However, now I did not hesitate to get me a Pacer. To my surprise (although quite i
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