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  1. Looking at the Gibson LG-2 models for the last 15 years - I know of 3: American Eagle, Americana and the current 50's. There's a pretty wide price range on these - I cannot find a good discussion of their differences and similarities. Can someone point me to an article or video that compares just the LG-2's???? Anyone out there try these different LG-2's side by side? Any impressions? I can get an AE much cheaper that the other two, but are they built different? Thanks.
  2. Absolutely - thank you to you and everyone else for the help
  3. Thank you for your reply. Have you ever seen a Gibson acoustic from the last 10 years without a sticker in the sound hole? I have not, so that's why I was suspect. Thanks again.
  4. Right - that makes sense. Here's some photos. BTW - there is no stamped SN on the back of the headstock. thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, I purchased a used 2008 Gibson J-45 True Vintage from Guitar Center (online) a few months ago. I love the guitar and everything about it looks kosher except for one thing. I has no orange or white Gibson Label/Sticker inside. It has a Serial number inside the body - printed on the base block of the neck, that matches the serial number on the back of the headstock. So - why no sticker? Did Gibson ever make True Vintage Versions without stickers? Is it perhaps a factory second that never got through Gibson quality assurance - and somehow got out the backdoor of the fact
  6. Hi, I've had several Gibson Acoustics, but I'm writing about my J-45 TV. It's from 2008. I love the sound of the guitar, but I'm not happy with the action after the 5th fret. I've adjusted the truss rod to what I believe to be correct, and I've sanded down the saddle - with no buzz, but if I take it down any more I know it will buzz. I'm still seeing about 6/32" at the 12th fret. Which isn't tremendous, I know, but everything I read/see says it should be around 3/32 or 4/32. Are there any other options for lowering the action on an acoustic? Everything I read talks abo
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