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  1. Ok thanks guys I'm gonna definately try that, but being busy it may be a week or so :/ ill keep you guys updated! Appreciate it
  2. the bridge pickup only produces a very quiet sound when I play now, which leads me to believe its the volume pot
  3. The bridge pickup does not work in the middle position
  4. Btw, the neck pickup works fine, and the two together works fine although the bridge pickup volume know has no effect
  5. I have a les paul, I bought it used a couple months ago, and its been wonderful, its a 1998 turquoise, and about a week ago the bridge pickup stopped working, I've checked all the connections and everything seems to be fine, so any thoughts would be great. My thinking is either the volume pot for that pickup or the pickup its self, but I'm no expert lol so help me pleasssse thanks in advance
  6. I think the covers would ruin it for me. Because i know the open pickup is better minus the color. So idk lol
  7. Turquoise Les Paul here! Id love to have some of the ones you have here. Definitely gonna keep an eye out!
  8. I think its STUPIIID the goth firebird is a bass. Id love for it to be 6 string. When i complete the goth collection, I'll leave the firebird out for this reason.. What are your opinions?
  9. I'm trying to get a goth explorer off of my friend but he won't budge lol
  10. Yes that is a goth, I'm debating on getting black pickup covers for it. I bought it used with the pickups like that. killer tone in them but the color turns my nose. But thanks man this is the start of my collection. What all do you have?
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