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  1. My latest Gibson, a 2011 J35 Fuller's.
  2. How did it turn out? Do you have any pictures? Was your pastor thrilled with the gift?
  3. Walnut is a great tonewood. I loved my J15. I sold it only to get to fuller, wider neck profile. Enjoy your J45!
  4. A great day for you! My wife quite keeping score... cases come, cases go.
  5. I went to 13's first, but settled on 12's. I wish they made a 12-56. I like the heavier E and A strings.
  6. Great guitar!(I like CME a lot too. I got a chance to stop in over Thanksgiving.) The thin finish looks nice, and the scratch is just a little honest wear and wouldn't bother me in the least. I have a Fuller's 1939 J35 Reissue from 2011. I'll never sell it. And the neck is fantastic, full C and 1.77". Gibson calls it the Luthier's Choice profile. I tried several sets of strings and settled on the Martin Monel Retros in 12-54. Congratulations, and enjoy!
  7. Tom, thanks for sharing the video! I guess I was being a little cheeky when I said a Loar signed F5, but I do think that is THE Gibson, thanks to Big Mon walking into that barber shop on that day. I know that the old Granadas and RB's are also highly prized and iconic and carry hefty price tags. The 30's AJ's are also very rare and "benchmark". The best rosewood guitar I have ever played was '37 AJ.
  8. I'd order a Roy Smeck Radio Grande: natural top, torrefied red spruce over quarter sawn Brazilian rosewood with a Luthier's Choice neck profile and nickel Waverlies with ivoroid buttons. Thank you, please!
  9. I will do that, bbg. Headed to youtube now. Thanks!
  10. Norman Blake...his tone, timing, touch, and ease getting around the fretboard is a thing of beauty...just the right amount of notes, never too many and never too few. I also like, in no particular order: Charles Sawtelle, David Rawlings, Molly Tuttle, Bob Minner, Billy Strings, Presley Barker, and Jack Lawrence. And Doc Watson and Tony Rice are pretty good too.
  11. I live on Fidalgo Island. Hey gearbasher: Nice Campy tall flange.
  12. I know the seller of the AJ on AGF. He and I have done a couple deals over the years. He is a straight shooter and great guy.
  13. What is Gibson's Holy Grail benchmark acoustic? A Loar signed F5.
  14. That'll do just fine! I would tell you to stop by Johnny McGuire's on your way up and over Independence to load up Teriyaki Philly Cheesesteaks, but sadly they ain't no more, and I'd guess your rig is over 35 feet. So enjoy your trip down valley and make your first stop at Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs, so Powder can eat his fill!
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