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  1. CR 9, Thanks, I think that answered my question. I also like the grain, it looks like a flash, pretty cool. However, up to now I have only seen "near perfect pattern" as you described above. So, I just wanted to know now whether I do have an issue here. (Better now than in 2 yrs when somebody is looking at it and is asking me why I didn't return this guitar with that obvious grain pattern flaw.) so, thanks!
  2. It's about the grain. Finish is fine. It sounds good. However, remember I am new to LP.
  3. Hi I just received my first LP ever. It is so great! However I wonder about the structure of the maple top. Never seen this before. What do you think? Should I return it and ask for a new one? As I mentioned, I have no experience with Gibson, so any help/advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!
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