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  1. Not orig pick ups or tuners but everything else is
  2. Managed to send a pic to a gentleman on this board he says it is a Les Paul Junior 1955-58 is there a way to date it closer
  3. sorry guys having a hard time loading pics sounds like the possibility of it being a 1951 are slim . I'll keep trying
  4. To my knowledge it was a cream colour I never seen it before the refinish. Did the gold tops have a flat body as the ones ive seen are shaped a bit
  5. My Grandpa said that this was the year he bought it . This is why I'm looking for confirmation . I've checked many of websites and all they say is that they were selling in 52 but prototypes were being dispersed in 51. Not that it matters a hole lot as it was refinished at one point in time.
  6. Looking for some info . I have what I think is a 1951 Les Paul that was given to me by my dad . Is their a way to date this as there wasn't serial #'s on the early ones
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