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  1. Thanks man. Actually, I didn't get influence from the tear drop as much as I did from other Gibsons. It's kind of an amalgam of the good qualities of my favorite guitars, so to speak.
  2. Hey gents, I have a design idea here for Gibson to build a new style semi-hollowbody guitar. It may be a little different, but it has grown on me more an more. I think it's rather attractive. I needed a control group to decide if it was worth even hassling over, so I though to myself, "who better than Gibson fans on a Gibson forum?" Check it out, leave comments and vote. Don't be shy. I'm not interested in modifying the design, because I'm sold on it, but other suggestions would be considered. Mostly though, I just want to see how well received it would be. Take a minute to rea
  3. No, I didn't topcoat it. I had originally airbrushed it on, but I wasn't happy with it because it was too delicate. You could scratch the acrylic paint off by breathing on it. After about 45 minutes with rubbing compound, I was back to square one. I used an intermediate vinyl decal, and had extras cut, so when it gets tattered I can just replace all or part of it. Its held up pretty good thus far. As far as other projects, I haven't gotten any ideas lately about anything in particular, but I'm pretty random. Who knows? Might be a fun thread to throw out ideas about cool original Gi
  4. Actually, I nicknamed it "Bandit", and that's sitting pretty good with me. Seeing as how Gibson already has a Firebird, I didn't want people to be confused when I told them, "you should see my Les Paul Firebird!" They'd be like, "!@#$?" Yeah, I'll work on the striping when I get time. That's why I went with the open top gold humbucker covers, because it resembled striping around the pickups. I'll post the pictures when I get it all worked up.
  5. Oh man, that is a thing of beauty. Gives me an idea. I need to put a gold binding on this similar to the striping around the windshield. I'll leave just a little gap between the top of the guitar and the stripe, to let some black show through, like on your car. That would be hot.
  6. I thought a story posted in jest about two personified guitars in a bar fight would be pretty light! I didn't mean to offend ya', I was just foolin!!
  7. Hah! I don't know him, but I bet he won't take kindly to that comment! Thanks for the compliment. The truth is, I planned these both out very carefully, drew up schematics, shopped at different places to stay on budget, and took my time getting it done. I do graphic design, so I trust my eye. Came in handy too, notice I curved the wings of the hoodbird to fit the carved top of the LP. The wings on the TA run straight up the sides of the hood. It's just attention to detail. Naturally, these look alot better in person. At least for now!
  8. I'm smoking wood shavings from the holes I drilled in my SG Supreme, wrapped in page 58 of the Blue Book of Electric Guitars 11th Edition. It's some good smoke. I paid $1300 for this guitar. SG Supremes sell for between $1250 and $1600 usually. I could sell mine for $1600-$1800 right now. You're wrong man. Face it.
  9. A serious collector?! It's an SG Supreme, and a Les Paul Studio. Who's gonna sell a used Les Paul Studio to a collector?!? Fact is, if I didn't modify it, I'd be hard pressed to get what I paid for out of it. Your book doesn't apply here. It's the same principle with classic cars. Take a '69 Shortbed Chevy C-10, and completely mod it out in your garage, you're not going to get as much as you would restoring it to it's original specs, but you are going to get more out of it than if it was junk when you got it. Such is the case for the Les Paul. In the case of my SG, I may ver
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