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  1. I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro at a G C a few weeks ago. It was not planned. I just saw this beautiful desert burst guitar, pulled it down and liked the action. It is my favorite out of 4 Gibson Les Pauls and this one! I will never buy another guitar from G C though... my first and last. I paid, the kid handed me the guitar over the counter and said " have a nice day". I was shocked. No papers, no box, no warranty card, no gig bag... nothing. I actually responded with "you gotta be shi__ING me"!!! No more G C for me. But I love the guitar... my favorite.
  2. Thanks. Looking for a rag to wipe the drool off my screen first!
  3. Both my 2014 and 2013 Traditionals have a solid, one piece body.
  4. HNGD! It is a real beauty... but then again I am partial to 2014 Trads in that color. :-)
  5. '59 Les Paul... or a nice lightburst R9
  6. All the online retailers I have seen have prices posted.
  7. Sweetwater.com will have pics and weight of each guitar in their guitar gallery. You would have to go to Indiana to play them though. :-( I have bought several Les Pauls from them... could,'t dream of better service. You guys don't have music stores (Sam Ash, Guitar Center) in Iowa? Google them, or generic "guitar shops/stores". Surely something will come up.
  8. One thing I haven't checked yet is the Tonelocks... I put them on my Les Pauls and do notice a lot more body vibration in the guitars. It wouldn't explain it not happening elsewhere, but I plan to replace the TLs on my most affected guitar and see if it makes a difference.
  9. How is the tone and action? :-) LOL Cool find.
  10. Awesome tools for practice or writing music. Great for those folks who don't have a band to jam with. I have a Pigtronix looper. Great pedal... probably more than I need though.
  11. Its all just marketing. Throw a few inexpensive bells and whistles on a product and then mark it up to cover the inexpensive additions + a good profit and the public will buy it... because it is human nature to want to have the newest, the "best", the latest model, regardless if the product is actually any better for it.
  12. Please excuse the typos. Typing on my android.
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