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    As far as I'm concerned, I own an ipad 2. Even with IOS8, that's not that terrible. I use Jamup Pro with my Epiphone. As far as Android is concerned, if you want to be able tu use application sush as Amplitube, you will need an "Android devices that support Samsung Professional Audio technology, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 require Android 5 Lollipop." https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ikmultimediaus.android.amplitubese I would love to know what a Windows Tablet sush as the HP stream 7 is able to do with Amplitube 3 or another software. By the way, my iRig work with my ipad 2, my Android phone and my windows netbook. My Rocksmith USB guitar adapters work with both Android and Windows host USB. Indeed, iOS apps are more expensive than Android'.
  2. Thank you very much for this complete answer. :)
  3. Yes, indeed. So true. Are there more 5 string bass players than 6 string bass players ?
  4. Hi, I actually own a SG 400 PRO and an EB-0. I'm looking forward buying a Wildkat this christmas. I would also love an EB bass with six strings. But, it seems Epiphone and Gibson don't like at all 6 string basses. There was the EB-5 which seems very cool, but no 6 string bass. Is there a reason for that ?
  5. yelf

    EB-0 vs EB-3

    My new EB-0. :)
  6. Garage band ? Is it as good as Jamup, Amplitude, Ampkit and the others ?
  7. yelf

    EB-0 vs EB-3

    Thank you. I can't try any of them, unhappily. I've bought an EB-0 online. Since it's so cheap, it can't be a wrong purchase I think.
  8. yelf

    EB-0 vs EB-3

    OK, thank you. I think the cheap EB-0 would be a good choice for me, especially since noone seems to think that the EB-3 is much better. :)
  9. Hi all, I'm learning guitar with Rockmsith 2014. (I'm really a noob) There's a category in Rocksmith where I can learn bass. So, I'm looking forward buying a bass. (not this month, tough... I've already bought a G400 pro lately) Since I love the SG design, I'm thinking of an EB-0 or EB-3 one. I suppose that the EB-3 is much better than the EB-0, but it also costs the double. (Here, an EB-0 costs 150€, and an EB-3 250€) So, I would like to know if the EB-3 was really much better than the EB-0 - I don't want to change the electronic or anything - or if the EB-0 was really that a bargain. By advance, thank you.
  10. Here is my new G400 Pro : (in Cherry color, not in White, yes)
  11. Which application do you use with il ? Jamup ?
  12. Hi, Which iOS guitar interface do you prefer ? (even if you don't use any)
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