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  1. This looks great! Well done, really useful upgrade. You have mentioned, you think about PU replacement. I would consider different manufacturers, not only the obvious one. I think, the Classic 57 are good, but you can possibly get even nearer to the classic vintage ES 335 sound trying an alternative. Since you always buy PUs "deaf", this is a very hard decision to make. I was looking around for an alternative to the Classic 57 and found out that PUs from LeoSounds or Bare Knuckles do the job very well. After the e-mail contact with the owner of LeoSounds, I decided to go for his pickups, hand-wound, made entirely with US vintage components. He proposed to set a custom pair: for the bridge a warm and creamy PU, for the neck a replica of the original PAF. I followed his suggestion and my guitar sounds great now. The PUs are not that hot (or have less output) than the Gibson ones, but in my case, I play through Marshall 1962 RI, it is an even better thing having more control. I can really start with a very clean and warm jazzy sound (which I do not play) and end up having classic rock sound. This PU combination gives you an endless sound shaping possibilities. The PUs are not very pricey in Europe, I paid 200 Euros for both PU incl. covers. I cannot say very much about Bare Knuckle PUs, but I have heard, the are very good as well. And at least my luthier did not look very happy hearing, that I was for Classic 57. But the sound is a matter of taste, yo can barely argue. ;-) It is just an idea to consider and I am sure the Classic 57 will meet your needs. Good luck with your further upgrades.
  2. Yes, this the old one. Well, if you wanna change the bridge, then you need to take the Duesenberg one. And the converters as well. I did not get it, that you have bought an older Sheraton. But anyway, it is a great guitar. Mine is from 1994, no problems with electronics or wood work. Great value for money, and the finish ist the most beautiful one, tobacco sunburst, just as mine. :-)
  3. Well, no worries until Thursday. ;-) If you need the converters, just try to find an US distibutor of the ABM. This is a German company, a bit pricey, providing high end guitar parts: http://www.abm-mueller.com/index2.html I know that Duesenberg guitars are sold in the US, that could be the path to follow as well. Good luck!
  4. I had to buy converters from m8 (Korean standard in the Nineties) to m4. But I am not sure if you need to get them. If you do, here are the links to the manufacturer webshop: Duesenberg steel saddle bridge: http://www.rockinger.com/index.php?cat=WG082&lang=ENG&product=3645N%2F3645C%2F3645S%2F3645G Converters m4 - m8: http://www.rockinger.com/index.php?cat=WG082&lang=ENG&product=36034 Please check, if you have already m4 studs. Besides this the only stock bridge suitable for the old spacing (72 mm), it sounds really great. I mean, you can hear the difference between the stock bridge from the Nineties and the Duesenberg bridge. My band mates do it as well, so I can be sure, there is one. ;-)
  5. Many thanks. I am really happy to share my findings with other Sheraton players. Besides the bridge fits, it improves the sound of the guitar. And this for 40 euros! I will upgrade the guitar, new pickups from Leosounds will soon replace the original ones. I am quite excited about these changes. Well, the Sheraton has done great services for the past 19 years. Now it needs an acknowledgement. ;-) If you wish I can keep interested Sheraton players posted, how my upgrades improve the sound.
  6. If you still need an advice: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/110278-epiphone-sheraton-ii-korea-bridge-issue/
  7. Hi there, I own a 1995 Sheraton II made in the Samick factory. As some users possibly know, the bridge spacing is 72 mm, a quite nasty thing. Normal spacing is 74 mm. since my bridge saddles started to crumble, I have been looking for a replacement. It's been a struggle, nobody knew which replacement bridge fits. After two weeks of searching, just by an accident, I found out, Duesenberg Steel Saddle bridge fits perfectly. I hope, I could help Sheraton II players with this post.
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