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  1. To the guy saying watch out, I do appreciate the concern. As far as I know, what he gets is legitimate. He's been in business for over 30 years. He has a lot of friends that have him sell stuff for them. He charges them a flat rate fee to keep it in his store. Everything I've played was great. He was always up front about any changes that had been done in the past. His prices were always fair as well. Didn't ask too much or too low. And he never forced any purchases on me or any deals. I just kind of explained what I wanted and he would help steer me in different directions as to what would suit the sound. I shouldn't have phrased it the way I did. I just tell him what I'm interested in and he makes some calls to see if he can get them. Some of the employees at guitar center have been going to him for years and have always spoken highly of him. From what I can tell, he's just a good guy. And I'll see how close Russos is to me. I appreciate you looking out.
  2. Alrighty thanks everybody for all the input!!
  3. I'm fine without the pickup. I just was curious if that should raise any red flags for my guitar. I'm not sure why I'm so paranoid but I am. Hear all these horror stories about fakes. From my knowledge it's 100% real. I've posted pictures and everyone said it looked fine and Gibson said it did too. I guess I'm just worrying myself over everything I can
  4. Im not good at this stuff. I can post a picture of the end pin if that helps. Definitely not meant for a chord to go in it.
  5. I don't need the electronics at all or anything but it makes me worry again. I had my doubts at first about this guitar being legit but everyone said it was the real thing. Sounds amazing but I'm always paranoid about these things. And then I looked up and it said that the Gibson j45 custom comes with electronics so it got me worried
  6. One thing I just noticed about my Gibson J-45 Custom is that there's no pickup in it.. It was made in 2004 if that makes a difference. But on Gibson's website it says that the customs come with a pick up system...
  7. I wouldn't be too worried. If you just can't get over it then feel free to pm me a price you want for that beautiful bird because ill but it in heartbeat. Looks stunning
  8. I would look guitarcenter online. That's how I got my j45 custom... My guitar center barely has any Gibson acoustics so I took a chance online. Good thing about GC online is you can take it back within 30 days for a full refund if you don't like it. At least that's what they tell me. So you can always take a chance online and if you don't like it, get your money back.
  9. well now you got me wonderin'...did you get the girl?
  10. great stories! I love that Hummingbird in your picture...I was SO close to getting one but went with my j45 custom instead. Still hope to get a hummingbird sometime this year or next. Beautiful sounding guitars. Id love to see some pictures of your strats and teles later. Ive been wanting to get back into electric for a while now. Love the history of the strat, honestly.. But man the new Les Paul classic in seafoam green is calling my name if I ever get back into electric \:D/
  11. Figured this could turn into a cool topic. This question has probably been asked a bunch of times and if so then I apologize. Also what got you started on the Gibson brand? Just because of their quality or is there a backstory? I still remember why I started playing. I was in elementary school and my teacher forced us to learn the recorder and I hated it. She would fail me on my recorder tests because I refused to practice it because I told her I didn't like it. I told her it wasn't for me and she said "make it for you and practice it now." So instead of practicing it, I had my parents go out and get me an electric guitar. It was my rebellious stage. I thought you only played the 6 strings and that was it. Didn't know what frets were at the time and thought "only 6 strings to pick? This can't be hard!" Then I started taking lessons a few months later and boy was I wrong! Haha. then I got into the Gibson brand because I always say my favorite musicians playing a Les Paul... I was a huge green day fan back then and Billie Joe always played a les paul jr that I loved.. Played guitar for years and then quit for a year or two if not more. Finally picked it back up and couldn't be happier.
  12. If you were asking me where my closest Gibson dealership then it's just GC as far as I know. I know a few other music shops around here but they don't usually have Gibsons. They might get a few in from here and there that are used but usually not the guitar models I'm wanting to try out. I know a guy around here who's been running his own shop for close to 30 years now. Good guy and always says he can get me whatever guitar I want but it usually takes a while and not in the condition I always want them in.
  13. You're killing me here. I'm really wanting that J-15 ...
  14. Congrats on the new guitar, man! I know I should look at other size guitars but I do like my slope dreads and my two give completely different sounds and I'm sure the j-15 would just add a whole new sound to me. Who knows though. Like I said, my GC barely carries any nice acoustics (they do have a d-45 tho). But not much variety in the Gibson department. Plus I have shoulder problems which is what stopped me from ordering a j-200 in the past.
  15. I guess I should probably go with another scale length but I'm not really familiar with a lot of them. Like I said, my local GC basically only carries J45's and J35's when it comes to Gibson. And Gibson is mainly what I'm looking to try. I probably should try different sizes from different brands to get a feel of what to expect. But short scale dreads are all I've gotten to try out so far.
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