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  1. That was so nice of you to say! I appreciate that very much. I've never met Bob, but knowing how much he loved his Gibson's and the fact that he never sold this guitar, makes me feel like I am just the keeper of it and feel obligated to treat it well. I just hope this was something that would have made him smile. Thank you to all of you on this Forum for welcoming me into your group. Just knowing a song I wrote was chosen to play at someones wedding is the best thing that could happen to a songwriter. There are millions of songs to choose from and when those two people picked it is why I write songs. I am 50 and only been writing for about 8 years. I was in Nashville for the first time with a new job and went to the world famous Bluebird Cafe. I heard Casey Beathard sing his song "Don't Blink" that Kenny Chesney recorded and I walked out of there so touched that I said. "I have GOT to learn how to do that!" I started searching that night for resources to learn how to do it. I am a long way away from being where I want to be, but I enjoy it so much and I appreciate the fact that I have this beautiful old Gibson to inspire me. Thanks you guys again! Curt
  2. I came on this board back when I bought Bob's Roy Smeck. Bob was "RAR" here as one of the original Gibson Forum members and his wife is "AMP". Bob passed away last year and I was honored to be able to buy one of his guitars. It was his 34 Roy Smeck. I posted the following post below if you want to refresh your memory or catch up on this story. I said in that post that I feel like the guy in Saving Private Ryan when he was asking his wife "Did I do enough, was I a good man?" because in the movie the Captain played by Tom Hanks told him to "earn it". http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/124408-i-bought-bobs-smeck-and-want-to-say-a-few-things-to-this-board/ I respect the fact that it was Bob's guitar before it was mine and I just wanted you guys to know that it was used by a young artist named Kelby Costner in Nashville when recording a song I wrote with him called "Hold On". Please check it out on iTunes. You can hear it very good at the very first of the song when he is fingerpicking it. He asked me if I could bring one of my old guitars for him to use in the studio, and I KNEW exactly which one to pick. The 1934 Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe that I bought from Amp (Bob's Wife). It has seen some tough life through its 82 years on this earth and has a few battle scars and cracks and scuffs and scratches but when it sings, its beautiful! Thank you all for being so nice to me when I posted that post back in September of last year and I just wanted you to know that I am trying everyday to "Earn it" by keeping this guitar alive and using it to create songs. Give it a listen and if you like it, help a young artist in Nashville by buying it. Its a tough life in Nashville trying to make it as a singer/songwriter but I think Kelby is special and have kind of took him under my wing so to speak and helped him however I can. He sings at the World Famous Honky Tonk Tootsies in Nashville, following the footsteps of 100s of former and present recording artists. That is the toughest gig to get because everyone wants it. He has only been singing and playing guitar for a few years and is just learning how to perform by what they call the "Honky Tonk Boot Camp" which is by under fire up on stage at Tootsies and their sister venues like Rippeys and Honky Tonk Central all on Broadway in Nashville. If you're in Nashville find out when he plays by his facebook site and check him out. He is a GREAT kid and has zero ego! You know how hard it is finding a talented person like him without huge ego in Nashville? like a Needle in a stack of needles! lol Such a joy to work with and to hear that amazing voice when we are writing songs is such a cool thing! I hope Bob (RAR) would approve if he were still with us. I would be honored if he did! Thanks again for welcoming me to the family here and being so kind! Hold On by Kelby Costner https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hold-on-single/id1133859791 https://www.amazon.com/Hold-on/dp/B01ICX36KM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468946004&sr=8-1&keywords=kelby+costner+hold+on Here is his facebook page...follow him if you like him.. https://www.facebook.com/KelbyCostnermusic/?fref=nf
  3. THANK YOU GT so much for posting this video. If not for it I wouldnt have found my dream guitar. I appreciate your help so much! The song is the perfect song to show off the Smeck. Then Paul at Music Villa is such a great guy and runs such a great music store. They GET IT! They understand that its way more than just a guitar purchase and take the time to make it a pleasant experience all the way around. I will be getting it on Wednesday so I cant wait! I am in sales and the one thing that will never get you in trouble is "Under Promise and Over Deliver" and this is what the guys at Music Villa did! With everything! Thanks so much again GT. Keep making beautiful music! Curtis
  4. GT, I appreciate you putting that video up or I would have never found it. AND Paul at Music Villa has been so nice and helpful throughout the whole process. He went out of his way to make this a great experience. I can't say enough about Paul and the staff at Music Villa. I will get it on Wednesday and cant wait. The song you picked to play on it was THE best choice to show off what the Smeck could do. THANKS for writing it and playing it. I have watched that video so many times...you make it sound like there is way more than one guitar backing you up.. great perfoemance GT! You are truly great at it! Like they say..."this ain't your first rodeo!" lol Thanks man! Keep making that great music! Curtis
  5. You hit the nail on the head here! This is absolutely what I feel!!!. WAY more than wood and strings!! More like a friend. I am writing a song about this very thing...one line in it is "If it's just wood and steel to you, then you don't know him like I do" I may have to finish that one! Thanks guys.. Curt
  6. Guys, I appreciate your welcoming words! I will be a frequent visitor of this forum from here on out. I will have to confess, that when I first started playing guitar I was not a Gibson fan. I just didnt get it. I was a bright guitar fan...the brighter the better..but as I grew as a player I started moving more and more toward the more woody dry sound and then went from natural guitar to absolutely crazy about a sunburst... Now I am so Gibson, that I can't believe I ever liked other sounds. I have a Banner J-45 and a 48 J45 and really wanted the 30's Roy Smeck when I bought those, but none were available. My other guitars are both copies of an old Gibson. Kopp K-35 (Kevin Kopp's interpretation of a 30's J-35) and the Fairbanks F-30 (of a 30's Gibson Roy Smeck) I just love those old Sunburst slope shoulders from Gibson. I cant tell you how much I appreciate you're kind words and making me feel welcome here. I look forward to getting to know you guys. Curtis Collins
  7. I am so sorry about the confusion.. This video I made was done last year on my Fairbanks F-30 which is Dale Fairbanks version of the original Gibson Roy Smeck. I just purchased Bob's Orginal 1936 Gibson Roy Smeck. I was away from the computer yesterday after that post. I havent received the Gibson Roy Smeck yet. I thin thhere is a repair to be done on the bridge plate that Paul said it needed so I may not get it for another couple of weeks, but I will make another video when I do get it. I just wanted to show you guys how much I love the "Roy Smeck" model guitar by my Fairbanks Smeck.. BUT nothing is like the original 30s roy smeck converted to playable guitar like the one that Bob owned. Curt
  8. First off, I want to thank Anne for letting me acquire Bob's guitar and GT Hurley for posting the video. If not for the video and post, I would have never known about it. The reason I am posting this is that I don't take this situation lightly. I never had the honor of meeting Bob, but I know he was a very well respected man and member of this forum and had a passion and love for his guitars. I read a as many posts as I could and watched the videos of him and Anne playing together. Like I said in my WTB post on the Acoustic Guitar Forum, I feel a little bit like the guy in "Saving Private Ryan" I hope I have "earned it". I hope so! I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much it means to me to be able to own this guitar. Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe is truly my one dream guitar. I have a Fairbanks Roy Smeck Model that I love, but the Gibson Roy Smeck was the ultimate goal. Below is that Fairbanks Roy Smeck on a song I wrote called Hero after reading a poem from my friend Robert Cozzi about his father. Mr. Cozzi passed away last year after a battle with Cancer but from what I was told played it every day and was "proud" of it. I was just so happy to have been a (small) part of his life. Thank you Anne, GT and Gibson Forum! It will be treasured and taken good care of! Curtis Collins
  9. Rod thanks so much for your help.. I know..I was told by Gibson this was the first step before I asked them.. I guess to weed out questions that could be answered simply.. I know someone with records needs to answer this, but I followed their protocol ... Thanks very much.. I now have a response with more questions for me to answer about the guitar with pictures..so hopefully I can find out more from them.. Here is what they said so far.. "Thanks for contacting Gibson. The serial number was used on a special production model built by Gibson Montana in 2011. We would need to see pictures to further research the instrument. Could you email a full front and back view of the instrument and a close-up view of the label? Thanks"
  10. Guys, First off want to say...I was a Martin guy for a while and just didn't get the Gibson sound..but I "GET IT" now!!! .. I own a couple of GIbson "Likes" in a Kevin Kopp K-35 and a Fairbanks F-30 Roy Smeck, but up until a few weeks ago, I had never owned a Gibson.. I know, crazy.. BUT I got my first! It's a unique guitar and want to know what or how it all came about. I have NO idea of the history or what happened when etc in Gibson's history so please treat me as a "newby". How much would this have cost to do? That type thing? Was there more done? etc. It's a 2001, The label it says Gibson J 45 TV but, was told it was a special order from the Custom Shop...The differences between this and the normal J-45 TV is that it has the German Antique Acoustic tuners, an aged sunbust finish, trying to mimic the 1942 I was told.. it also has a L-00 Legend neck on it. Also has an aged looking pickguard that looks split and hazed etc. and like it has shrunken with a lighter color around the edges of pickguard etc. Also bound in Maple...I guess to make it look aged also.. BUT what I am asking, can I find out if anything else was done to this guitar. I was told that there was more done to this than a normal J-45 TV, like what they would do later and call the Legend.. Like scallops etc. (if they are scalloped does anyone have a picture of a 1942 insides or a Legend so I can compare? thanks)Thank you for any information you can share with me. Was this a practice the Custom shop did? Are there a lot of "Special Order" out and about in the hands of guitar players or was this really too expensive to ask for and only people that really wanted what they wanted and didn't mind paying for it. THANKS so much for your help.. AND as they say.."You'll be seeing me around".. I frequent the Acoustic Guitar Forum, but now will come here to learn and share. Thanks for the great community.
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