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  1. Hi everyone, I just bought myself a gibson sg special and it really is a sonic monster, especially after I've set it up with an invader and jazz pickup from seymour duncan! ..but I was just wondering after having looked very close to the body. The (faded) laquer shows that the body has minuscule diagonal carvings all over the body; very very small and can merely be seen when looking very close! Not a big thing but this made me wonder if the body is indeed made out of real wood or is it something else as material? Does anyone has the same finding? Thanks! Fred
  2. Hi Everyone! I am new here (...and French so sorry for the possible wiriting errors...) and wanted to tell/ask you something. I already bought myself a new LES PAUL CUSTOM in '94 (black beauty) and it was -and still is!- an excellent guitar! Now, 20 years later I went to the guitar shop and wanted to buy myself another one (I know, I'm silly but totally in love with these guitars). Despite the enormous price-difference in comparison with 20 years ago I went thru and ordered myself another black beauty. It's not a cheap guitar so I wanted my guitar to be esthetically perfect also. The guitar arrived two weeks later and after opening the case; - heavy traces of sandpaper on the black body (really terrible!) - gold paint on the small circled plat 'treble/rythm' printed totally with heavy contours - tuners were already stained?! (and it wasn't a relic version...) This discovery was really stunning...is this a general thing? I mean has the quality of GIBSON guitars in general decreased that big the last couple of years? I swear to God that my 20 year old custom is far more better looking than the new one I ordered! This is not normal is it? The sales man agreed that the guitar was not OK so I postponed my buy. Too bad because they are (or should be) beautiful guitars! Thanks for listening! Fred
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