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  1. Just a note: I am not rejoining - I just feel this needs to be said: Giant, you are not only the biggest troll, but also the biggest arsehole the world of online forums has ever seen. TG is (was) an important member of this community (that's right, the nice one you are trying to destroy) and frankly, someone should either Ban you, or start a new ****ing forum!!!! So, I say to you..... Go suck a ****ing cock, arsehole!
  2. This 'Giant' dude is even more of an arsehole than me! Just came to make on post. I'm betting he'll be back when he's ready, but until then, you'll have to do without one of the best posters on this forum. Good luck TG!
  3. I ant back full time. I'll make a coupla posts, but the PRS forums got me tied up!
  4. Its sweet. Glad I didn't go for an LP now (or though maybe next time...) But seriously guys, the 'Eye' guitar? The holy explorer? WTF?
  5. this is a GIBSON forum. That guitar is a PRS. And no, it's not a waste to have the toggle. New models have the 5 way, but the coil tap works differently. If the guitar is untapped, it switches between the humbuckers. If tapped, the rail is activated and the neck humbucker tapped.
  6. Well, I brought the PRS. Awesome guitar, I don't regret it for a minute. I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you guys have been. Let me attempt to prove to you I wasn't wrong....
  7. Homz no offence but if that's what you're daughter thinks she's a goddamn poser! But so are you, so I am probably complimenting you, you jammy gear snob! Also guys, I like Gibson, but I would never own ONLY Gibsons or Fenders. Be original! Dude!
  8. thats for my 'screw fender' post! This is my last post (apart from pics) Goodbye!
  9. I'm a convert. I don't care what jammy posers think! I'm looking for the guitar which feels and sounds the best. I like Gibsons, but all this time I've been looking on other forums too (although this is the only good one. ESP? Don't ask me about it#-o ! The first post I read was 'I've just bought this awesome AK47! I can't wait to defend America against the commies!) and I call myself 'ilove(insert brand name here) on everything! Thanks for all your help and support
  10. So did I But hey read the avatar!
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