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  1. Sorry guys-I just can't seem to get my YouTube videos to come up on this message board. I've never had as much trouble on a board as I do on this message board, and I can see that I'm NOT the only one. Here's a link to my latest YouTuber video:
  2. I'm really glad that you chimed in on this thread Rock, I found Colosi's website and am going to follow your example and upgrade both of my Gibsons with his pins and saddles
  3. It gets here tomorrow and my son the vampire has been ordered to be awake when Fed Ex comes
  4. Here's an original song that is so personal and heart-wrenching that it actually brings me to tears every time that I attempt to play it out live. In fact, In fact, I DEFY any of you guys to make it through at least two verses of this recording before you too are brought to such intense emotions that you will have to click; STOP. Go ahead, I dare you... http://jimmyd-bo.podomatic.com/entry/2013-03-18T07_23_13-07_00
  5. <----I finally figured out how to put a picture in my avatar. This is me and Clarence Clemons when he jammed with me and my guitar player and one other time he played a whole set with my band which was called Jimi D-Bo and Tropical Storm. This was in the mid 90's at a bar called Mondos in North Palm Beach Florida. It turned out that The Big Man lived in the same beachfront condo that the owner of the bar lived and he asked in if he would come and play with me and then another time with my band. He was such a gracious man
  6. Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Quilt 2014 Cherry Sunburst
  7. Get The ToneMatch-what's really cool about this is that you can actually dial in the guitar you use and the mics. I use an sj200 and the Gibson techs have put the EQ setting into the ToneMatch for Bose. Also, I use a Shure Beta 87 mic and it too has the optimum EQ dialed in. You can also upload effects that you like onto each channel. I use a little delay and reverb on my mic and it saves your settings and for my guitar I like a touch of chorus. It has 4 channels-great system-you may be able to use one more channel for a mic but with no FX on it otherwise get another Tonematch...they are $500 and worth every penny http://www.bose.com/...nematch_acc.jsp
  8. Another Springsteen cover http://jimmyd-bo.podomatic.com/entry/2014-05-19T11_25_30-07_00
  9. Great thread and great replies by Dan and DRC-I'm going to be looking at this too with my sj200
  10. I LOVE this song and this performance http://youtu.be/0ZSdnjDieuQ
  11. I want one but the Cherry Sunburst Quilted Custom Hummingbird. I have to sell my Gibson Super Dove...never sold anything on EBay...may have to try, I really want that Hummingbird
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