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  1. I have been playing Gibson Guitars for a very long time. My favorite humbucker set is the Alnico II 490R & Alnico V 498T. I also really like the Gibson 496R & 500T Super Ceramics which Gibson tends to use in their Flying V's and Explorers. However, I recently bought a Gibson SG Faded Special. Now the Gibson web site states that the 490R & 490T Alnico II Humbuckers are "wound hotter". I installed "genuine" Gibson pickup covers on each pickup to give the guitar a better look. I was seriously considering purchasing a 498T Alnico V Humbucking Bridge Pickup but the 490T in my Gibson SG Faded Special actually sounds pretty darn good. I was very surprised. Also, the set works really well together. My opinion is to buy a Gibson 498T Humbucking Bridge Pickup because that is a killer pickup and I can personally guarantee the 498T will give you the sound/tone/output you are looking for without question. Good luck and best wishes. If you decide to go with another pickup brand I strongly suggest the DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Ceramic Magnet. The Seymour Duncan equivalent would be the Duncan Custom also Ceramic Magnet. FYI, the Duncan Custom Custom is an Alnico V Magnet pickup. I would just get the Gibson 498T honestly.
  2. Hello everyone. I have a lot of experience with Gibson Guitars. I have owned many Les Paul's and SG's. If you need help or have questions about either guitar please feel free to message me and I will do whatever I can to assist you.

  3. First off, what a beautiful C.F. Martin & Co. HD-28. I live about an hour away from the Martin Factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. I have taken the factory tour 3X. Regarding the "ARM HAZE", I also use Virtuoso Cleaner & Virtuoso Polish when I either buy a "used" guitar or if over time the regular Gibson Guitar Polish I use regularly isn't enough to buff out "ARM HAZE". Yes, I have "Alien" perspiration. If I wear a Silver necklace it will turn Black. I have been told my sweat is very acidic. I have to deal with "ARM HAZE" all the time. Okay, regarding your beautiful HD-28, I would suggest taking it either to the Martin Factory or taking it to a very skilled Luthier who deals with refinishing and painting guitars. A really good Luthier who is also a very good guitar builder should be able to get that "ARM HAZE" corrected for you. You could also try and e-mail C.F. Martin & Co. with pictures and ask them what you can do to bring that nasty greenish haze out. I hope that helps. BTW, I happened to run into an employee of Martin whose job is to buff the final finish to a shiny glean. He seemed to know a lot about finishes.
  4. I have been playing Gibson Guitars since 1979. I have owned several Gibson Les Paul's and several Gibson SG's. I was fortunate enough to obtain a "brand new" 2016 Gibson SG Standard T Ebony. To me this is the ultimate SG. Why? First off it has the 490R &498T Alnico Humbuckers. It also has a one piece mahogany body and neck with an extra thick dark rosewood fretboard. Mine weighs a mere 6lbs. and 10ozs. Which means it is super light weight. It has everything I love in an SG. Vintage Kluson Tuners, Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge, large pickguard, and low action. Additionally my SG has so much resonance that I can feel the vibration through my guitar strap against my shoulder and neck. It has sustain for days. The Ebony finish is flawless plus it's Nitro not urethane. Thank you Gibson for putting out the 2016 SG. It's what I have been waiting for.
  5. I have been playing guitar since 1979. I own and have owned plenty of Gibson instruments over the years. In my opinion the Gibson 490R & 498T are the best set of pickups offered by Gibson. The 490R has Alnico II magnets and the 498T has Alnico V magnets. So, if you want less out put in the bridge position the 490T may work as it too has Alnico II magnets. The Gibson SG Faded series has the 490R & 490T pickups. The Gibson SG Standard has the 490R & 498T pickups. One more thing is Gibson also makes really good ceramic magnet pickups. Generally found in the Gibson Explorer and Gibson Flying V are the 496R & 500T Super Ceramics which I also love. Being made with ceramic magnets you can't use covers but that's just a trivial cosmetic feature. I have Burstbucker Pro #1 & Burstbucker Pro #2 in my 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard. I wasn't too sure if I liked them or not. I had been playing at living room volumes. As soon as I plugged into my Marshall Head the Burstbucker Pro's just devastated. They sound GREAT at higher volumes with gain.
  6. I have used "Wood Wind Bore Oil" forever with excellent results. I purchased a brand new 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst that arrived with a very light color rosewood fretboard almost like it was too dry. I applied the "Bore Oil" 2X during string changes which made the fretboard look rich and darker however after a couple of weeks the light color would return. I did some internet research and found a great product made by "Music Nomad". It is called "F-One Fretboard Oil". I have applied it twice over the last year during string changes and my fretboard looks rich, darker, and well saturated. Music Nomads F-One Fretboard Oil is a really great fretboard conditioner. On a different note, I have noticed that the trapezoid inlays on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th positions are slightly higher than the fretboard leading me to suspect they were not properly seated during assembly. They have been like that since I purchased my Les Paul from Sweetwater Music on 10/23/2013. The included Gibson check list states that my Gibson Les Paul Standard was completed 09/20/2013. I haven't pursued warranty work as it doesn't seem to affect my playing, however when I treat the fretboard I find it a little annoying as I bought a Gibson because of the quality of workmanship and for the thousands of dollars I spent I feel every aspect of my Les Paul should be dead on perfect. I'm not sure what to do if anything? I must say other than that the fit and finish are outstanding!
  7. Hello eveyone. I live in the Philadelphia area and have been playing guitar for 35+ years. I have a question. I own 3 Les Pauls and 3 SG's. I recently purchased a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst back in October brand new. My question is, how can I get the volume and tone knobs straight so they do not wobble when turned? All my other Gibsons don't have this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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