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  1. Thanks mihcmac, though I suspect my customer might balk at that price tag!
  2. Does anyone make a classic wraparound one-piece bridge (i.e moulded-on saddles) that has the G string saddle in the correct position for an unwound string? One that looks like the original Gibson one would be even better! Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions chaps. Appreciated.
  4. No worries! Yeah - lots of people have daft names for the colours they use. My last Jag was in 'Pacific Blue', yet it was so dark it was almost Navy Blue! Anyhow, I might try Gibson, see if they can help (yeah, right!).
  5. Sorry Rabs, I don't understand. I need an exact match, or the nearest I can get. That's why I'm after the code, as I'm assuming it'll relate to an automotive paint.
  6. Anyone know what it is for Gibson Cardinal Red? Need it for a '60s SG restoration. Thanks guys.
  7. Hi Guys, Just got this in for a refurb (it's in a real state!), but it has modern gold speed knobs fitted. Having browsed the web there seem to be a number of different knobs fitted to these, but I'm favouring classic black top hats with silver tops as being the ones most likely to have been originally fitted. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Pip - no apologies necessary. They were both occasions worthy of note by any proper petrol-head! H.
  9. Pip - Yeah, I remember that too, but this is what I was referring to... In December 2004, Schmitz gained recognition in the United Kingdom after appearing in the BBC television show Top Gear with presenter Jeremy Clarkson. After Clarkson (under her tutelage) set a lap time of 9 minutes 59 seconds around the Nürburgring in a Jaguar S-Type diesel (Season 5, Episode 5), she castigated his best lap with the comment "I tell you something, I do that lap time in a van". She did a lap in the Jaguar S-Type, and set a time of 9 minutes 12 seconds, beating him by 47 seconds. When trying to film Schmitz as she drove the S-Type, the film team were unable to keep up so used Jaguar test driver Wolfgang Schubauer to drive theJaguar S-Type R chase car, meaning that much of the lap shown on the episode was not the the 9 min. 12 sec. lap time. http://www.jaguarfor...top-gear-79583/ http://www.motoringb...es-5-episode-5/ H.
  10. Years ago I remember Clarkson going round there in a Jag S-Type. Diesel I think. Then a local lady racer, who knew the track well, got in the Jag and blew the socks off his time.
  11. It'd be useful to know which Marshall model the OP was talking about.
  12. Wow! He hit 229 MPH at one point. All from a 2 litre 4 potter (with a few bells and whistles, of course)!
  13. Interesting, that. I've had a few Teles in for refurb recently, and all have had earth hum issues. Also, one of the owners brought in a large roll of self-adhesive thin copper sheeting, which cost him a small fortune, and he asked me to shield everything to stop the hum. However the one thing all these Teles had in common was that they had no bridge ground. So, I added one to each of them. Hum gone. Didn't need the copper! Why don't Fender fit a bridge ground as standard? Btw, none of the owners wanted me to drill or rout, so I ran a wire from the socket ground, via the pickup wire hole, to the bridge pickup cavity. I then crimped a small ring-connector to the wire-end and placed that between one of the pickup springs and the underside of the ashtray. Not the most permanent of arrangements, but it did the job, and I have had no complaints. Certainly a very simple and non-invasive solution. H.
  14. Wow! Much positivism. Having played around with it a bit more later in the day I can see why! And it cost me the square-root of FA too! Thank you, Gentlemen.
  15. I've just been given one of these and have been trying it out. Although it's old-tech (mid-nineties maybe?) I'm quite impressed with it. I usually play into the High input of my '82 2204 via a Boss SD-1, and am very happy with the tone I get. So I tried the Marshall pedal straight into the Low input just to see what I could get out of it, and was pleasantly surprised what a great '90s tone it can give you if you get the EQ set right. Anyone out there use them? What do you think? Dub (aka the Pedal-Meister), y our views? Btw, it's near mint, and came in its original box! A keeper, to my mind. H.
  16. 56. Still can't believe it, but have no choice.
  17. Tuning issues with Gibsons are, IME, more often than not due to badly cut nut-slots. Some look like they've been hacked in with a kitchen knife! They can squeeze and grip the strings, and then suddenly let go. However, reprofile and lube them and they'll work perfectly. I've done this to both my SGs, and they hold tuning better than any guitar I've ever owned. Also tuners, even cheap and nasty ones, are so low geared that they rarely contribute to tuning stability issues provided that you always tune up, not down. Mind you, cheap tuners can make it hard to tune properly in the first place! Wrt the pup 'muddiness', then so much can also be attributed to what amp you're using and the way it's EQ'd. However some pups do just gel with people, and other don't. Just one of those things.
  18. Light My Light, by the Groundhogs. Hard to play with a pick, because Tony McPhee didn't use one, and I can't pick with my fingers!
  19. Amazing that the wood came off relatively unscathed. I agree with all of the above. If it were me I'd get the hardware sorted (parts are easy to find), and just set it up (or you can get someone to do it for you if you do't know how). I probably would touch up the headstock (carefully - I usually use black nail polish) and from a distance no-one will even know it's damaged. Where the lacquer has separated (the whitish area) it has probably cracked slightly, so try applying a generous amount of black permanent marker. This should work its way in via capillary action, and you can just rub the excess off with your thumb. Just my 2c!
  20. Out of curiosity, what oil did you use?
  21. Geezer is the best. He always kept things interesting, but above all he knew when to be busy and when not. I've never known him to misjudge this balance.
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